Doug Examines the Governor's Race in Oklahoma


Turn to one now that is, I think, in the end is going to hold for the Republicans, but it is far closer than frankly, it should be. Mayor for Allen, who was the governor of Oklahoma, run in 2014. She won by 15 points. Kevin Smith, who is the current governor of Oklahoma one by 12 points just four years ago. And now this race is a dead heat. As far as polling goes, it's a dead heat. This is also one of those races where the national environment is, I think, affecting an inversely a little bit. Kevin said, he's been a great supporter of not only Republican conservative colleges, but also criminal justice reform, making sure his state is getting the most bang for their buck as far as when it comes to punishing those who do wrong. But yet also making sure that there is a way for them to come back home to get jobs to stay out of jail, all things that conservatives should be about. And it's really interesting in this race you've had the Democrat joy hofmeister who has been attacking Kevin Smith for basically doing things that Democrats have talked about for a long time and that is reintegration and using criminal justice system to actually help people break the cycle of violence and break the cycle of pain in their own life. This is a very much of a disappointment and the idea that from governors actually taking a stand on issues that matter, Republicans have got to come together in this race. I think they will. Mark Wayne Mullen is on the Senate side here and he's going to win and cruise to this election fairly easily. James lankford is well. I think this will pull this into the Oklahoma governor's race and that you'll see when this one. But

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