Herschel Walker: Raphael Warnock Is With Joe Biden


The left is getting pretty worried about this race. Herschel, there's a news story up in The New York Times the headline how Herschel Walker could win the Georgia Senate race. So you can't buy into the mainstream media headlines. You've been out there pounding the pavement. And if the good people of Georgia get out and vote on election day, you're going to have a great day on Tuesday. I will. And I want to give people to get out and vote. I think Raphael won as shown who he's for. He's for Joe Biden. He was California and New York. That's the way he's voted. And I think he's shown that he's been a wolf and seat clothing. He tried to hide everything he's done, but you can't hide your record. You voted for this inflation. You voted for crime on the street. You vote for this open border. You voted to put men and women sports. He also voted against religious free liberties. And that's when you get to the point that he's a man out of cough and to vote for a religious liberties. He will wait. What's going on with this guy?

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