'The Devil's Triangle: Mark Judge vs the New American Stassi'


Talking to Mark judge the new book is called the devil's triangle with the subtitle Mark judge versus the new American Stasi. That was the East German secret police. You're just telling us mark how they did extensive what you call opposition research on you to build this case. This is creepy that people would say, how do we concoct a lie? I mean, it's an amazing thing if opposition research is true. But you're selling saying that they tried to use whatever they could find about you to create a plausible story and they figured we've got it where this is going to work. All we need is somebody with the guts to lie in front of the whole world and they found Christine blasey Ford. It's chilling to me. I worry about people souls that they would participate in this. I know they believe so strongly and abortion that they're almost willing to do anything, but it's chilling to me, frankly, that these things go on. Yeah, and as I was saying, The New York Times two reporters wrote a book called the educational Brett Kavanaugh, and if they report on a guy named Keith kogler, who was friends with blasey Ford and he said in the summer of 2018 for 6 weeks leading up to this, he was researching my writing, my videos, but they might have been physically tracking me. I don't even know. And the way opera research works, the devil's triangles oppo researchers, the media and leftist politicians. But oppo researchers will find everything about you from your birth certificate up to last week and then they open the Bombay doors at the last minute and just dump it. And as one of them put it 90% of my job is getting emotionally upset people to start talking. So they opened the Bombay doors and dumped all this on me and because I've known about the Stasi and I've been writing about this for a long time, I thought I know what's going on. Every word you say is a shift that they are going to plant right in your back. You know, if you talk, it's over because they'll twist whatever you say, even if it's the truth. And that's when I thought of this great movie, the lives of others about the German Stassi. And I said, okay, you're living the lives of others right now. And as we were saying before, the commercial break, they thought it was going to be easy.

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