Mark Judge Describes His Childhood Bond With Brett Kavanaugh


So Mark, just if you don't mind answer this basic question, how when did you meet Mark? I'm sorry, when did you meet Brett Kavanaugh? How old were you? Just give us the background of what these relationship with him began. We were kids in high school. We both went to Georgetown prep. I think we were about 15 years old. And I think we met, you know, we knew each other through school. But then we all went on a beach trip together, and that's when we really became close friends. And it was the way friendships form when you're a teenager. They're quickly formed and, you know, you become pretty close pretty quickly just because I think that's the way God made us. And so he and I, we were different in a lot of ways. I mean, I was kind of more of a ADHD lunatic and he was very studious and a bit nerdy, although brilliant. And you know, we loved the things that teenagers loved. We loved rock and roll. We love sports. He absolutely adored sports. We really connected over that. The Washington Redskins, the Washington bullets, all the D.C. teams, because we were D.C. kids. And you know, we liked girls because we were teenagers, so we bought it over that. Two teenage boys had a Jesuit all boys school and, you know, you can pretty much write the whole story yourself. That's the kind of stuff you bond over.

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