Marc Morano: John Kerry Wants the COVID Template to Fight Climate


The model to fight climate change, we're going to use the COVID template. John Kerry was at the world economic form at the UN climate summit in Egypt, which I just got back from in Sharm el Sheik, Egypt saying we're going to use the COVID template to fight climate. They want to morph COVID and climate by saying uncheck climate change will lead to more viruses, like COVID, ergo, if you oppose the Green New Deal or the UN agreement or net zero, you are a grandma killer because you're going to create more viruses. And that's where they are. And of course, that merges with digital currency United Nations and Mastercard announced a plan. They already have the card out. It came out last year to monitor your carbon footprint. If you exceed your carbon footprint, the card literally cuts off your ability to spend money. It's voluntary now how long will it stay voluntary is the question?

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