A Look at Gubernatorial Polls With Charlie Pierce


Speaking of electorally, there's a glitter of hope you retweeted that chuck grassley's and it's statistical tie. Someone tweeted, I was gonna go blue, blue tsunami incoming and you just said, hello. Yeah, I mean, yeah, this is a race that nobody's noticed. Right. Right. And you know, I wonder, the guy who's running against, by the way, his name, Mike Franken. Yeah. And I'm wondering how many people in Iowa think they're voting for Al Franken. That's fine. You know, seriously. And it's life and death for old chuck and he's not, you know, he's built for comforting and built for speed. He's not built for the home stretch right now. Yeah. So who knows? I mean, I mean, I think you're going to, I think what you are going to see is a lot of split ticket voters. Yeah. Yeah. For example, I think in Iowa, Kim Reynolds is probably going to get reelected governor. But grassley could lose. Yeah. Whitmer's going to win. You know, I think the democratic gubernatorial candidates are in great shape. Do you? I hope so. Tony Evers in Wisconsin, I'm sending novena upwards for, but I think a lot of them, I think a lot of them are going to survive more Healy's going to win, you know, from here or there in Massachusetts, not the typical of anything. Right. Right. But you know, I guess it is astounding that statistical speaking of statistical ties, Herschel Walker. Has gone up despite all these allegations. I don't believe any of the polling out of Georgia. I really don't. Nobody's been able to predict Georgia correctly for about ten years now. Yeah. I think that there's a whopping big vote down there who doesn't want to be represented in Congress by, you know, inarticulate doof.

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