Pfizer study says updated COVID boosters rev up protection


Pfizer says a study of their updated booster shots shows a significant improvement in antibody levels In newly released findings Pfizer says antibody levels jumped 13 times higher in people 55 and older a month after getting its updated COVID-19 booster And four times the levels generated by an extra dose of the original vaccine Among younger adults antibody levels rose 9 and a half times It's too soon to know how much real world protection that translates into the shots rolled out in September but the CDC says only a little more than 26 million Americans have gotten their updated booster which is tweaked to target the most common strain of omicron variant The FDA's vaccine chief doctor Peter marks says the new data while preliminary should encourage people to get their bivalent booster before the holidays health experts say it's shaping up to be a rough winter with an early flu season children's hospitals already packed with patients battling another respiratory illness called RSV and COVID cases expected to rise I'm Jennifer King

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