The Art of Retaliation


I want to talk about an important principle in politics and it is the art of retaliation, the art of retaliation. Now, this principle came to my mind when Kevin McCarthy said recently, I, Kevin McCarthy, I'm going to remove Eric swalwell, Adam Schiff, and Ilhan Omar from their House committees. Now, we should note that this is a kind of an unprecedented, well, actually, no, it is a precedented step. But it is an unusual step because the general modus operandi, the way of doing business in the Congress is this. The majority party controls the committees. They appoint the chairman of the committees and the committees, by the way, are the mechanism through which legislation passes. Committee is a very important a judiciary committee, the ways and means committee and so on. And the majority party has the majority of members on the committee, but the minority party, in this case, the Democrats in the House would have the right to appoint their own members. But the Democrats decided last time around, to violate this kind of code of etiquette, if you will, and throw a prominent Republicans, notably Marjorie Taylor Greene, offer committee. Oh, she's an extremist. So extremist or not, the point is she's not being named by your side. She was being named by the Republican side. And the fact that the Democrats said, well, we have the power to do it, so we're gonna do it. It was very important and it is very important for Republicans to be like, well, you know what? Two can play at this game.

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