We Need New Republican Leadership


Most pressing issue now is what to do about Republican leadership in the House of Representatives and the Senate and the RNC. And folks based on some information that's coming out. I can tell you that if we are going to have a shot at at really transforming the Republican Party and advancing a truly conservative agenda, an agenda that does not mean waving a white flag of surrender and handing over our majorities to the Democrats, we are going to have to have new leadership. Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, ronna mcdaniel. They got to go. They've got to go. And with all due respect, we have to make sure our elected leaders are not endorsing candidates because somebody at Fox News channel told them so. If you're looking at if you're looking at the Pennsylvania race right now and with John fetterman, who is the senator elect just remember that it was Sean Hannity, who told Donald Trump that Doctor Oz was the guy. That was that's on Hannity. But this is what happens when you select candidates based on name recognition only or based on celebrity instead of actual instead of actually having an opinion or having a center base where you know this is what this person believes.

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