Andy Mangione: Fighting Elder Abuse for Conservative Seniors


You guys hearing reports? Why did you decide to launch the safeguarding effort? Well, if we're following the lead of the American constitutional rights union, they have been in the nursing homes with their bill of rights that they use in facilities across the country to spell out exactly what the rights are for residents of assisted living facilities, residents of nursing homes and residents of other senior living facilities. They've developed a robust website at center for vulnerable voters dot org that we've joined in partnership with them and we as amac are the leading voice for conservative seniors and we wanted to make sure that our members had what they needed to spot out voter elder voter abuse fraud in nursing homes as you know Todd many of our members have loved ones in these facilities. And what the ACR U has done is bring some fraud that they've discovered throughout the country to light and kind of expose the problem here. And they've developed wonderful assets, as I mentioned the Bill of Rights, the senior is actually the senior citizen voter Bill of rights. They've developed a guide for citizens and family members that want to protect the rights of vulnerable voters. They've developed HCR U boat fraud hotline. And we're going to be exposing our membership our 2.3 million members to these assets and to these resources so they can be very well prepared as we rolled into the midterms.

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