Julie Kelly: Was Ray Epps an Informant for Any Government Agency?


That's right because they're very careful to parse their denial with the fact he was not tied to law enforcement Well you know the Stan he could be a government asset for any agency Local or federal he could be part of the intelligence community or military some people have even suggested he was a crisis actor working with the Democrats to DMC and of course while we have to do is go back to the Russia collusion hoax to see how they used political operatives to promote destructive narrative against Donald Trump So we'll see why won't they want to January 6th committee interview him under oath in public If it's important to get the truth quote unquote truth to the American people about what happened at Dave Let's start with rates talk about what he did why he is escaping charges who if anyone he was working with and why more than a year later he remains uncharged when Dan just this week three more men in Illinois charged with four misdemeanors the FBI rounded them up charged them They're going to be facing charges possible short prison sentences for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time They absolutely was too in a restricted area outside the capitol building So they're really having a hard time explaining why so many others Now 720 people have been charged arrested and charged by ray apps still as a freelance doesn't make a lot of

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