Who Is Ketanji Brown Jackson? A Closer Look at Biden's SCOTUS Nominee


Alex from Ohio says Charlie, can you explain or elaborate on Joe Biden's Supreme Court pick? So in the midst of all this, as Ukraine is being invaded and we've spent a considerable amount of warranted time on that, by the way, there's a lot happening in our own country that we can not and should not lose sight of. So Joe Biden in the midst of all this suspiciously decides that just announce his Supreme Court pick while all this is happening. And so it is a woman in black woman as he promised by the name of catan G Brown, Jackson. And so far, there are many people that are very happy about this. On the left, the Fox News dot com article says katangi Brown Jackson's nomination to the Supreme Court delights progressives. She was a public defender, and we're diving into her background. She's described as a rather progressive individual. We don't have a lot of evidence to show that yet, I'm sure it's there, but the media is not really diving into her, but I guarantee you in the next coming days and weeks, there will be oppo dump after oppo dump of everything that she has said before. But here's a couple right here. In 2019, she used the Russian collusion hoax as an excuse to justify mandating that former White House counsel Don McCann testify before the House judiciary committee. More than two decades ago, Breyer apprenticed that Breyer pendas penned an amicus brief for the national abortion rights league, Nero, and other organizations that killed babies in the womb. In support of a Democrat backed law that prevented pro life protesters from congregating outside abortion facilities. Continues, Cory bush, who is a radical anti American leftist from Missouri, says this quote 233 years. That's how long we have waited to have a black woman nominated the Supreme Court. Judge katangi Brown, Jackson is a form of public defender with a record of standing up for justice. There are no words to describe how my soul is moved by witnessing her nomination. Now let's just stop here. First of all, what is a woman? I want to ask Cory bush, what is a woman? Why does it matter? I thought womanhood is complete, according to Cory book, men can become pregnant. The same people that are celebrating Brown Jackson coming to the Supreme Court should remind themselves that clarence Thomas is also on the Supreme Court, one of only two black men if I remember correctly, two black men ever to serve on the United States Supreme Court yet it's complete silence from the left on that interesting.

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