Chris Coles, AKA Mr. Reagan, Launched His YouTube Channel When Hollywood Stopped Hiring Straight, White Men


Chris, let's talk about your experience. When did you launch the YouTube channel, mister Reagan? Years ago, I think about 2000 18, 2018, I started doing it. It's very tough to get work in Hollywood anymore if you're a white male. I have a director friend who actually directed amazing film on Netflix, really not big budget film, but like well received film very successful, very smith's son stars in it. And after a while, he wasn't able to get work anymore, and he asked his manager why and they said, well, you've got to come out as like non binary or something like that. Bisexual. They're like, you don't have to day to do or anything. You just have to say it. Just to say it. Right. And then they'll give you work again because they won't give work to straight white men anymore. They just won't. And so he had to move back to Europe to continue filmmaking. He had to leave Hollywood. Despite the fact that he was a very successful up and coming director, and that's just true. I had a manager, I started acting, you know, and I had a manager, and she said, I'm not going to be able to get you much work because you're a white male. She's like, but if you know any black women, please give them my number. Oh my gosh. That's real. That's real. And they have become the racists. It's remarkable. Oh, absolutely. So openly so. Talk to us about these couple of years. So you launched it, you said you're gonna push back. You're gonna use humor, which is one of the most effective tools we have. One of the last few years being like is this this new YouTube phenomenon? Oh, YouTube, YouTube was still is, despite the fact that they censor you so much, really an amazing medium. I mean, you can learn anything you want on YouTube. It's fantastic. The only problem is that I think that conservative political perspectives is really the only thing that a sensor on YouTube really. It's weird. People can say really the most awful things on YouTube, but if you're a conservative, and you say something about your unsure about the vaccines or anything just even like really mild stuff it's a conservative perspective, there is a chance that they'll figure out all your conservative and they'll try to wreck

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