Morgan Zegers Describes Her Podcast 'Freedom Papers' With Turning Point USA


I want to give a fuller picture of the incredible work you're doing. So you're not just illuminating the threats of socialism and communism. You're actually doing the flip side of what's great about American why we are the greatest nation last year I had an idea. People need to be familiar with the federalist papers, and I'm just going to read them onto a podcast and at least people will be able to listen to them. And then I sadly find out or what was the happily find out that Morgan segas is already doing it. She's not reading them. She's analyzing them with a colleague. So tell us about this other podcast and why you decided, well, I know why it was important to me. Why did you choose to say, okay, let's do it's 2021 or 2022 and we're going to talk about the federalist papers. Yeah, well, I've got to say, so I'm 25 and a lot of people will ask me, how did the heck did you end up conservative or just even appreciative of the freedoms we have here? And I say it's all because my parents taught me to appreciate history and comparative history in terms of how far we've come as a nation in a world thanks to American western values. And so I really am thankful for my parents for that. But turning point USA is a really great student organization and they reached out to me because they identified that, yes, I am a history nerd. And they thought it would be a great idea to do a podcast called freedom papers, where we break down the ratification debate back in 1787 because a lot of young Americans have not read any of the federalist papers or the anti federalist papers. So each episode we do, we go one through 85. We include the anti federalist arguments and all of them. And it's been a really good time. We hope this is a great resource for students to understand what our founders were looking at, what they were evaluating through previous human history when they were writing our form of government that was eventually the ratified U.S. Constitution. So it's just a really, really fulfilling project for me and I'm thankful that turning point would

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