Rep. Troy Nehls Claims Disguised Capitol Police Snuck Into His Office


Pelosi's capital police tried to sneak into Republican congressman's office dressed as construction workers and illegally took photos of legislative documents. Speaker Nancy Pelosi's capitol police are alleging to have illegally entered the office of congressman Troy nels, photographing confidential legislative products and grilling staff according to reports. The police now under formal investigation, Santa accused of dressing up as construction workers and attempting another entry just two days later. So correct me if I'm wrong, didn't Nixon get impeached for lying about something very similar to this, but it wasn't even it wasn't even as flagrant as this. So there's so much here that needs to be investigated, Pelosi's, I guess this is the closest Pelosi you'll ever get towards loving construction workers, right? Like, yeah, go to the local Halloween store and go dress up as construction people. So this sitting member of Congress Troy Nell's from Texas is alleging that Nancy Pelosi and Democrats have made capital police go dress up in costume as construction workers to go into capital offices and to go take pictures of documents. Reports suggest that capitol police have built intelligence dossiers on those illegally investigated. The documents photographed saint Nell's quote are protected by the speech and debate clause enshrined in the constitution article one section 6. Nels took to Twitter to explain the multiple incidents. Again, I'm going to read directly from his tweets. Because these are some pretty serious allegations breaking. Capitol police intelligence division investigated my office illegally. And one of my staffers caught them in the act. On November 20th, capitol police entered my office without my knowledge and photographed confidential legislative products protected by the speech and debate clause enshrined and constitution article one section 6.

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