Students Protest Removal of Chocolate Milk From School Lunch Menu


Let's stay with the schools. Is there a victory when it comes to yummy yummy chocolate flavored drinks in California? I love these kids. So in the line of holding protests, peaceful protests to make change. There was a school a small school district up in Northern California and apparently they decided to take chocolate milk off of the menu. Because it's too yummy. Two yummy two, who knows why they took it off the menu. And so the kids were very upset about it. And they decided to organize together this fourth grade class, and they said, you know what? We want a protest. We're going to protest to get our chocolate milk back. Now the teachers looked at this. God love him as an opportunity to teach kids about mediation and striking deals and about peaceful protest. And so they had a mediator come in between the school district and the kids. These are joking, right? Well, I mean, it was kind of just for the class classroom saying. It was this simulated medium. Chocolate milk. Yeah, that came in and worked it out and so now they're only picket line with their black leg, picket breakers. There were holding line and then antifa showed up. And they were very upset over the top of the mountain. But the cool thing is that the kids learned how this worked and ultimately they came to an agreement. I don't think it's good enough. I think they need me to get in there and do some collective bargaining for them. But they're getting chocolate milk every other week now. Once a week. So at least it's back to some extent. There was a small

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