The Money War Happening Right Now in Canada


Deputy vice minister of finance, I can't get her name titled right ever whatever. The deputy minister of finance, whatever it is, vice minister of finance, she's, she, her name is Chris Christie of Freeland, which I think is hilarious. Her last name is Freeland. It's incredibly ironic. It's like, yeah, my name is Freeland and I'm now gonna turn Canada into North Korea. And so she's finance minister christia Freeland. Thank you. She's a World Economic Forum graduate. She is a George Soros sympathizing type individual. In fact, I think she ran the open society foundation in one way or the other. She was an officer of the open society foundation. And she has been very clear and she has been quite forthright that listen. If you participate in wrong think, if you say things we don't like, we're going to take your money away. If you speak openly about what's happening in the country, otherwise known as Canada, then we're going to seize your assets. Now, this is something that I want to dive into because first of all, it's completely until the impressive, but it's not just going into bank accounts. It's even deeper than this. Okay, let me play some tape on this play cut 97 where she has ordered banks to begin freezing accounts. We're going to come after your money. This is the confiscation of private property. Play cut 97. Okay, so the names of both individuals and entities. As well as crypto wallets, have been shared by the RCMP with financial institutions. And accounts have been frozen and more accounts will be frozen. No court order. This is not like Al-Qaeda is trying to traffic funds through Canada and a judge freezes the bank accounts. This is a court order. This is about a warrant. She just wants to take your money away. Play cut 98, finance minister

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