Dr. Anthony Fauci Says Joe Biden Is Doing 'A Very Good Job' Addressing COVID


And so when you have a senator whose effective and aggressive trying to get the information out to personal attacks really personal attacks those two words are the definition of the Democrat party in the media in this country personal attacks He doesn't know what personal attacks are Okay let's do one more Cut 20 go Has he done a good job You know I think given the circumstances that we're in right now I believe he's done a very good job He's talking about Biden He's been a very good job This is an extraordinary virus The likes of which we have not seen even close to and well over 100 years it is a very widely virus It is fooled everybody all the time from the time it first came in to Delta to now a very unpredictable and we're doing the best we possibly can Well you're very forgiving of Joe Biden who came into office with vaccines and Therapeutics not developed under his presidency And developed in spite of Fauci because Trump had a push hard particularly at the FDA And I don't remember all of this This kind of love talk when it came to Trump and all the things he was doing and trying to do and this disaster came out of China Of course and it hit it hit during the Trump administration first and there's Biden going on that every death Trump's responsible for and he didn't respond properly and he politicized this did Biden and in many respects so did Fauci And of course the

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