Who Is (the Now Infamous) Dr. Robert Malone?


First. Doctor Malone, welcome to the Salem radio network. Thank you very much, mister gorka and thank you for the opportunity to speak to you and to your audience today. Well, I could spend the next hour just rattling off your curriculum vitae and your various qualifications in the scientific world for those who didn't see your hours long interview with Joe who haven't seen all the interviews you've given with my friend and my former colleague Steve Bannon. Would you mind would you indulge us for a second for those across the country for whom you are a new name just to give us a prey see of your background and your relationship, for example, to the mRNA vaccines that are so in the news currently? Well, for your audience, I have been vetted and have secret clearance with Department of Defense. I've won over $8 billion or managed them for in government grants and contracts. I typically work very closely with the Department of Defense defense threat reduction agency. Kim biodefense group and have for decades, I have been a vaccine developer and innovator for well over 30 years as when I was a graduate student, I had a series of discoveries that led to 9 issued U.S. patents and numerous international patents that include all of the core technology for what we call RNA and DNA vaccines, including the first proof of concept reduction to practice using an RNA vaccine in a mouse model to produce immune responses against the envelope glycoprotein of aids. So an aids vaccine candidate my first major contract was with as a newly minted MD intern at UC Davis was with the Department of the Navy for development of an aids vaccine. I am trained at northwestern university for my NDI hold a license in the state of Maryland. I'm trained in my graduate studies at the salk institute and UC San Diego undergraduate biochemistry UC Davis multiple research fellowships at UC Davis in the department of pathology was an academic for well over a decade reaching associate professor level at the uniformed services university of the health sciences. So that's the DoD medical school. In D.C., I have been involved in way too many outbreaks intimately. I spearheaded for DoD for quite a while. The development of their Ebola vaccine candidate, which eventually I brought murk in. It was licensed to American. It's now the licensed Ebola vaccine. I've worked on flu vaccines. I've worked on literally all the biodefense vaccines used to work under contract directly for DoD at dying port vaccine company.

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