Caller Champ Describes the Moment the FBI Knocked on His Door


Back to champ, who was wrapping up his story about what happened to him on January 1 he comes home, FBI agent at his door champ. I hate to keep interrupting you, but now you can finish the story. Oh, absolutely. So they sent a female agent up from Charleston, South Carolina, like I mentioned, I live in a remote area of the pisco national forest and lo and behold, and FBI is here. She reviews photographs, videos, mentions and I have a video of Ashley batt actually. That was the one that she wanted me to forward to her. And overall, the questions were geared at, are you a member of a militia? Do you want to kill anybody? Because I do have guns in the house and I did not want her to come into my house. She didn't have a warrant to come into my house. And the overall tone was just really sort of pressing the finger down. And after having been there, I've heard your other callers say, we were singing gospel songs. There were people there. Iranians for Trump. They were Chinese. There were groups of people. It was asshole, Colin Powell addressed the Senate because they used to work for senator strom Thurman. I saw him address the Senate after the Gulf War and outside of that. This was the second most patriotic event I've ever attended. Then, to see the ramifications and to hear the reporting on it was so asinine compared to what actually was occurring while we were there. And this being blown into what it is, in my opinion, this thing was set up. It was a play. It was meant to make Trump people seem like bad people. When I've never seen a unification of people from all over the world, colors, races, you name it, all loving, respectful, very, very good people. And what this country is being told is an absolute lie that the stuff that comes out yes, they comparing this to 9 11 pro harbor. My grandmother's first husband was the first American killed in Pearl Harbor. I take extreme offense to saying that what we were doing was anything other than being patriots of this wonderful nation, we are blessed to live in, which is the best nation anywhere in the entire

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