Nations strike climate deal with coal compromise


Government negotiators from nearly two hundred countries have adopted a new deal on climate action after two weeks of talks envoys at the United Nations climate change conference in Glasgow Scotland accepted a compromise agreement it was aimed at keeping alive the international goal to limit global warming to one point five degrees Celsius or two point seven degrees Fahrenheit nation after nation complained that the deal isn't enough to fend off flooding heat drought and weather disasters that endanger millions but in the end said it provides some progress if not success U. S. special climate envoy John Kerry encouraged delegates to accept the N. perfect proposal you can then perfect be the enemy of the good in a last minute intervention India watered down the language on cutting emissions from coal Indian environment minister Bhupender Yadav I'm loving countries have a right to their fair share of the global carbon budget and not entitled to the responsible use of fossil fuels Glasco climate pact includes some financial incentives for poor nations and solves a long standing problem to pave the way for carbon trading I'm Jennifer king

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