A highlight from #58 Tactical Tuesday: Hands From Greatness Village


Down? Yeah. So, yeah, I guess we don't have the wines that he's playing, but I think he does play 500 and also you're probably right. Starts with the fish, half stack, limping under the gun, Danny isos, the 8 8 to 5 big wines on the button and the villain in the big wine calls. The officials under the gun also calls, we don't have any stats on the villain in the big wine. Pretty good flop, though. Queen 8 deuce two tone middle set, multi way pot in position. Doesn't get much better than that. And daddy starts out with the one third see but I think that's completely fine and probably the standard play in this situation. I don't know. I mean, do you have anything to add? Everything looks good to me so far. Yeah, we could about half pot on the flop. Maybe half pot. Maybe Danny's like ISO sizing pretty, is also, I don't know, that's a little large. It's larger than what I saw too. I usually so to three and a half or four big ones. Whereas 5 is a little big, but whatever is one. I can't fault Danny for anything he's done so far. Yeah, I agree. Just like, all right, we're here. Just looking for that. I was looking for places to little things out. Yeah, so it goes back called 7 of diamonds on the turn, which completes the front door flush. I think both villains check to Danny. Just 30 big blinds in the middle. I think this is actually this is probably the most interesting part of the head for me is this spot, you have a really strong hand, but not a flush on a flesh completing turn, which hands you bet on the turn that aren't flushes. Should you bet any hands that aren't flushes? Have you bet what size do you go? I think this becomes especially complicated because it's multi way now, and it's not just heads up. Yeah, I think this is sort of the juicy part of the hand. Yeah, I mean, it's tricky. It's quite tricky. There's like other data points that are interesting to in that the under the gun limper has 38 big blinds left. There's 30 big blinds in the pot. If I were to ask Dany about this hand in real time, I would ask him for anything that could help sway us. How long did the big blind take the call? How long did the under the gun player take to call where did the under the gun player stats? Do we have any information about anybody in this hand that might help us navigate appropriately? I think if the four seat has a flush they have a flush. I mean, I think that it's quite likely

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