A highlight from #197 Dylan Weisman: PLO & Mental Game Coach for Upswing Poker


Stakes plo tournaments at the next WSOP? D nags responded, we can run 5 to 6 as a series and call them the wiseman invitationals with only one caveat. You are not invited. You am see the events but can not play because you are too good. And while I sense some playfulness from V negs in the tweet, there's truth in it as well. Your poker chips are not safe when Dylan sits down at your table. With that said, the man is an absolute gem of a human being on and off the felt, and it was an absolute honor and privilege having him drop greatness bomb after greatness bomb on CPG. So now without any further ado, I bring to you world class human being, poker pro, coach, and teacher, Dylan, wiseman. Dylan, how you doing, sir? I'm doing very well. How are you? I'm doing quite well. Good afternoon. Excited to have you on the program. You mentioned in our pre talk that you had been home for a couple weeks, so what you've been doing. I was doing the exact opposite of sitting at the Rio, which is going I was skiing and spending time with my partner in Denver for a couple weeks. So yeah, it was fantastic. I definitely needed the separation from the work life because I'm sure you're aware a lot in a lot of people are aware during the World Series. It's very much a, it is a contained grind a long contained grind. And I put myself into a particular headspace in order to be able to effectively navigate the World Series and everything around it. And it takes a little bit of time afterwards for me to decompress because it's very intense. My sleep isn't on in the same way, like I'm sleeping 5 to 6 hours versus 8, which is what I pretty much do outside of the World Series. And so I was very fortunate to have planned or I was fortunate to have the opportunity to do the things after the world started to see some family, go skiing, some time with my partner, my dog, all that stuff. Yeah, yeah. I know. I need like consistent decompression, I think. Running running like doing all the podcast ride coaching grind, training, like I was moving things around tomorrow actually because I'm like, I need a day off. I just need one day to go get a massage. Totally unplug, not be connected anywhere, and just like rest. I love that. I love that perspective. And I think it's something that's actually underrated in the poker world specifically. And particularly for poker pros who have either been doing it a long time in autopilot or kind of more up and coming hungry professionals because you're kind of told that your job is to get in volume. That's the only thing that you're supposed to do. It's like get better, get in volume, and that's pretty much it. But from my perspective, and I think that as you said, having coaching and having other responsibilities outside of poker, when you have a full system that you need to maintain, you're not allowed to not treat yourself like a human. You have to be taking breaks consistently. Like that's something that I did during this World Series that I didn't do in previous ones, where four months ago I planned and breaks during the schedule when I knew that it would be X amount of time as well as I didn't have any big tournaments to play during that particular time. And so if you can be more intentional with your brakes like this morning, I literally woke up got a massage before this podcast because I knew you need that little bit of decompression consistently and then once the big grind is over, getting longer spaces of decompression. I think both of them are very important. So I'm really stoked that you talked about that. Yeah, absolutely. And I, one of my higher level students who is it's funny to say unique, but unique in the poker space for pros in that he's very excited to play poker every day. He maintains that excitement. It's almost like infectious because like I've been doing this for 16, 17 years, and so excited, Ness of waking up and grinding goes down over time, but he's like pumped to just get involved and play. He just wants to play, right? Oh yeah. And I told him to do the same thing. Take a day of rest, just don't play decompress. And he feels lazy when he does it, right? He told me, I feel lazy. I feel like I could be doing something. Like I'm missing out by not playing. And I'm like, you know, imagine it like you're going to the gym, right? Like you go to the gym, you do leg day. And the next day you're like, I don't feel so bad, right? Like would you do leg day again after the first day? No, you're gonna take a break, right? Because you need you need active rest, because you can hurt yourself. And the mind is similar in the same way. And we're like, you may feel like you don't need a rest or that resting is like lazy or however it is that you're shaming yourself basically. But you do need breaks to maintain motivation. You don't want to burn out. And you quite frankly will play at a higher level when you come back too. 100%. You have two things that you touched on there. And I want to talk about both of them. The first one is one of my favorite things about coaching, which is getting a stoke from your students. That's something that's one of the reasons I love coaching is one it's because I'm helping other people grow.

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