What MSNBC Says About the Future of Joy Reid's Show


Now I want to also correct something we said last week and last week I said that joy Reid, who show on Emerson behe, I watched that you don't have to her show is not going to be renewed by MSNBC hall. Well, Emma's in Bihar put out a statement and said the reports that say she no longer is going to be having a show. Or wrong. One of those reports was in red state. In my opinion, normally is a reliable source conservative source, but still reliable. They published a story claiming that MSNBC hall was not going to renew joy, Reed's show. Now says, in fact, they are, so I don't know whether they initially said no, they weren't going to renew it. And then the fit hit the Shan, her fans, contacted them and they changed their mind, or whether or not the story was wrong in the first place. I don't know. All I know is that, according to MSNBC, she does, in fact, still have a show. Triple

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