Is There a Correlation Between a 'Leaky' Vaccine and Higher COVID Transmission?


So I want to ask you a question here. United States, according to the news, reports more than 325,000 new COVID cases, the highest single day increase during the entire pandemic. We are also saying that we're the most vaccinated we've been. Do you think there's a correlation between a potential leaky vaccine and higher transmission or the virus kind of continuing to be spread? Is there a correlation between the two? Well, our our public health officials announced this summer that the vaccines were not stopping transmission of delta. So we had a paper by farron halt. We had one by then cut a Krishna and we had a wedding in Houston where they all vaccinated they spread it, a cruise bustle from the military and the UK they spread it. Now we have countless examples cruise ships, military vessels, locked down groups of people. And they spread COVID to one another fully vaccinated. I think everyone should know the vaccines don't stop people from spreading COVID-19. That should be obvious to everyone. So with that backdrop, we now have data from the United States from Denmark and from South Africa all showing with uma cron. The most recent variant over 70% are fully vaccinated. All of the crime and what we're seeing right now of those record numbers of cases, it must be driven by the fully vaccinated. We have 200 million Americans in the United States have taken the vaccine. The CDC says of October, that we have a 146 million Americans that have already had COVID. There's only 330 million Americans in the country. So there's nowhere to go. You can't say it's a problem of the unvaccinated anymore. It's clearly driven by the vaccinated.

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