Ben Ferguson: Democrats Will Take Away Your Children's Medical Rights


And I want you to remember what happened after they tried to tell you that critical race theory wasn't actually being taught when we all know that Kirk ray Siri is actually being taught in our schools What do they do Well then there was a letter that was sent A letter that was sent for the Department of Justice out to everybody in America all these different people telling you that you need to start curating parents like they are domestic terrorists that they show up At school board meetings if they organize Facebook groups or they send blunt messages or call their elected officials or they yell at them or they're angry at them at school board meetings that they should be treated like they are a member of Al-Qaeda Or ISIS And then what happened We saw parents actually getting arrested And we saw the left say parents shouldn't have a right to decide what is taught to your children I'm sure they'll tell you that didn't happen either It did and we have the audio to prove it But it's interesting where we are now Just change the subject Get rid of critical race theory and I'm warning all parents and grandparents right now This is my warning If there's nothing else you remember from tonight from this show I want you to remember this what happened with critical race theory is nothing compared to what Democrats are about to do to parents They are moving forward to take away all of your medical rights of your children

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