As NYC Crime Surges, Police Focus Attention on 9-Year-Old Girl Without Vaccine Card


City, let me tell you what's going on in New York City right now. Every category of serious crimes, according to New York Post, in the city is on the rise so far this year, with police data showing an increase of 35% in a total increase in crime compared to the same time in 2021. Jessica Seymour, from inwood, Manhattan says, quote, I don't go anytime after dark right now, not safe. All my friends in New York are leaving. Or they are. They stay at home when it becomes night. A guy got stabbed and another guy shot right outside my son's window, said Seymour, whose boy is 7. We have two schools here, and this happens right here. My block has police on it all the time. There are shootings that are drug dealers on our corner right now. The fear is real, crimes are up. So what is the police force of New York City wasting their time doing? What is the focus of the New York police department that of course has our eternal respect after what happened with 9 11, but they've turned into an American version and I do not use this lightly of the Stasi. Play the tape, I'm going to narrate it. So here you have right here at a museum in New York City. That is a 9 year old girl. Now, I'm not trying to racialize this. Her name is jaila. I think she is a black girl. Is that right? So this is a black girl being escorted right there by two masked New York City police department, police officers, all the while crimes, murders, arsons, rapes, sexual assaults, are up, these two police officers are effectively arresting a 9 year old girl. Why? Because she did not have her vaccine papers at a museum. These two police officers now continue and bring the 9 year old girl into a squad car and put her in like she's El Chapo or Eric Rudolph or Ted Kaczynski the uniform. You know, forget the fact that gang activity is up and robbery and murders are up. This is a young black girl that has been put into a police department car and escorted up. Where is Black Lives Matter exactly? Protesting this? Now, what's her crime? Her crime is not being

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