I-95 Closure in Virginia Ends After Hours of Driver Despair


Help, I 95 is reopening in Virginia. After the winners storm, I think we all know senator Tim kaine spent 27 hours in his car because of the United States senator, we are focused on what happened, but imagine having four kids in a station wagon. The fetching message he was up late last night, reading horror stories of parents with children one ambulance driver was kind enough to let four freezing kids. They were turning on and off their cars, sleeping an ambulance on gurneys. That'll be a memorable experience. How you can not get organized. This is Ralph northam, Virginia Department of Transportation yesterday. The funniest thing about Twitter were that the morons on Twitter were blaming governor elect Glen young for the Virginia Department of Transportation and aptitude in failing to plan and execute any kind of a close the highway keep people off of it order, which is what they should have done. Just close the eye, keep people off of it until it's plowed. Ohio turned pipes been doing that for years. So Glenn young can just can't get there soon enough. And the national reviews Dominic Pinot wrote a story late last night why I 95 in Virginia is jammed. And it comes down to the Virginia Department of Transportation, lack of preparation, inability to execute and general ineptitude. And this has been 8 years of democratic management. So what did you expect? The Commonwealth used to work when governor George Allen was there. And now governor Glenn young is going to have to bring in an entire new group of managers infused some private sector know how and knowledge. In an era of weather forecasting, if it says 7 inches, then you plan on 14. That's what you do. If your parameters are going to be safe, it's always easier to say, oh, so we missed. And that's what happens with hurricane season. People prepare, then it misses, and that's

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