President Trump Moves to End Post-Cold War Treaty

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Now our main story this morning it has to do with plans by the trump administration to withdraw from the nineteen ninety two open skies treaty its Genesis dates back to the Eisenhower Administration. The treaty was meant to lessen tensions between Russia and the West Charlie Turner has been finding out more from Michael Gordon Michael the trump administration is moving toward withdrawal coming from a nearly three decade old agreement called the Open Skies Treaty tell us what it is first of all well genesis for open skies really goes back to the Eisenhower Administration where there was a proposal in nineteen fifty five that the United States and Russia conduct surveillance mission is over each other's territory to build confidence in basically assure each side that attack wasn't being planned and nothing happen and with that but then in the wake of the after the Cold War ended in nineteen ninety two The Georgia Herbert Walker Bush administration Negoti associated a similar accord called the open skies treaty as a way to build confidence among the former Cold War adversaries but the on the part of the trump administration is twofold that the Russians are inhibiting access of some of these US flights and at the same time we're using fights to carry out Spying operations well you write that allied nations including Ukraine they're urging that the treaty be preserved in any disputes over Russian clients be resolved through negotiations so in short thirty three nations I believe WanNa stay in the treaty well the European allies d spend on these flights more so than the United States which has its own spy satellites

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