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Super Six days bill how we how we out we six more days till Hallo we we've reviewed Zombie land Got To break that out here we're nearing Halloween. We're reached the zenith of our silver level donation it is the sequel to Zombie Land and the ear both Zombie land reviews plus reviews of the three I am legend Films Yeah the first Zombie Apocalypse as it were last man on earth is Vincent nice move from the sixties gets credited as being the first time even before nine living dead we thought about zombies taken over the world it was remade as of mega man and remained again by a movie I think everybody knows will Smith's I am legend Ethics Zombie Land is currently the draw the sequel came out and hopefully you went out and sought here's a clip from our show where we reviewed Zombie land double tap and as they start before we get to Columbus we get if I always like it when they play with logos and studios are so loathe to do that every time they do that I hear on the commentary out of the director at the fight them because they want branding they want it to be the same every time so that you have the same music the same experience and you know what it is it does feel like maybe because this is the Columbia logo under Tony like I feel like men in black they did this once upon a time in Hollywood they use the older version like it feels like they're more willing to play with this logo yeah could be but we I didn't get that voice over and we see the same setup essentially as we did in the first movie normally again I'm already on the record of thinking retailing your best jokes isn't the best idea had to get people to laugh but I do think if it's been ten years to set the mood we didn't even think of this as a franchise it's probably helpful to hit the same beats in the the opening and have Jesse Eisenberg be the narrator have him instead of running down a list of rules running down a list of different permutations of Zombie and getting some metallica on if it's going to be a sequel and feel cohesive you had to have Eisenberg Mary that was one of the hallmarks of the last film and Him of his lists a here meant the homer especially the fact that they used the simpsons donut with sprinkles as the Oh and homer I was finding it funny also here's the new breed yeah there's smart ones there's if America now has very few human beings it's become a new society Z. Nation I think that is a TV series scifi channel but you could explore the idea that zombies are the new citizens and that could be interesting to I do feel like maybe because this took ten years to come out if you've seen warm bodies you see that where Zombie vs had come out since that original Zombie land but it's still a fun conceit so we keep saying ten years because two thousand nine to two thousand nineteen but in story has it been ten years since they were playing at the California Amusement Park they make a big deal out of little rock's age in this one in fact the writer said that they had to take it into account their early treatments followed up immediately on the other one right continued the same character I I could see that logic but with the age difference specifically in Little Rock Abigail Breslin being an adult now am I grew I move to the next I guess by question is what have they been doing for ten years that it took him ten years to get to the east coast and break into the White House actually a joke in the video game the video game it has a lot of flaws but it also does retain some of the movies humor and one of the funny things is at the Star.

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