Climate Change And Global Inequality


Depression era sit down strikes are mirrored by the U. fled some rights movement which organized the sit in and pelo sees office demanding democratic debate and action if you don't know what sunrise is we are building an army of young people to stop the climate crisis and create millions of good jobs for our generation in the process yeah. yeah. that's Marchini Prakash sunrise co founder at a conference called designing the green new deal held in Philadelphia last week but wait why jobs the way in which the jobs versus environment fight has been set up. largely by a lease tend to have no skin in the game and and are the ones profiting off with that has been hurting us for decades and so this hour we'll be addressing how the issues of climate change and economic inequality once seen as distinct in even in conflict hi for this generation come to overlap and the response reverberates with the echoes of economic injustice of a time long ago but never gone in recent years strikes have seen a resurgence public schools across the state of West Virginia closed again today as a mass in teacher strike enters day nine making it the longest in the state's history in two thousand eighteen teachers strikes spread across half a dozen states and then thousands of merry out workers are on strike in San Francisco Oakland San Jose in other cities across the country the workers say they're demanding livable wages so they don't have to work several jobs to pay the bills as I read this another is on the horizon of hospital and medical workers union organizers have said that as many as eighty thousand Kaiser employees nation wide could go on strike in October if a deal isn't reached soon and the GM contract negotiations have already broken down. union auto workers started gathering around midnight at this Detroit General

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