Ecuador Reaches Fuel Subsidy Deal To End Violent Protests


Twelve days of mass demonstrations force Ecuador's go government to reinstate fuel subsidies live from London this is the marketplace morning report from the BBC World Service. I'm Victoria Creek Good morning two weeks ago Ecuador's president wrapped fuel subsidies as part of an International Monetary Fund loan program aimed at shoring up the struggling economy but as gas prices soared protests by indigenous people at the Capitol Kito to a standstill violence even forced the government to relocate its offices to a port city four hundred miles away the BBC's Matai Isabel is in Ecuador he explains what fueled the government's reversal if scared of the broadest deliver of violence that force the government to declare the state of Michigan theon bitten a few force the government as well the conversation today between the President and initiative leader was taking place in Kitale recommissioned agreement she will move the administration back to the capital city and indigenous groups. Eh compromise too if the capital city and go back to the areas I'm pretty sure the IMF will have a close is in the new decree remember now the negotiations are not over people need to go back to normal especially people in the capital city they are really fed up with broken Matai Isabel reporting from Ecuador there

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