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Officials warn hunters about 'zombie' deer


This to alright let's talk about zombie dear Nevada wildlife officials are warning hunters about these stumbling drooling zombie dear so far Nevada has invaded the infection this hunting season but apparently the deer roam twenty four states in the U. S. and their sickened by this Nero did Janet degenerative diseases that literally causes them to just sort of stumble around and drool then about a department of wildlife is urging hunters to visit their mobile sampling stations and actually check the carcasses for chronic wasting disease a fatal illness that affects the brain and spinal cord of everything from deer elk moose it's the latest measure to protect the state's wildlife they say but the symptoms of this zombie dear this chronic wasting disease reduced infected animals to zombie like creatures and they can become even more aggressive so not only are they stumbling around drooling they have draft drastic weight loss and then they get more aggressive and less afraid of humans which is why they get the little zombie

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Officials warn hunters about 'zombie' deer

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