Who will Giants hire as manager?


Where the giants gore right now Hey guy Bruce Bochy who but not a demand is back in the mix one of the last fully autonomous managers you know Joe Maddon is is an analyst guy was on for front of it where the giants going now maybe not to the day Kapler extreme well maybe to the Gabe Kapler street as of there's been talk that he is own list of giants guys to be talked to if he has been talked to already wasn't just did they say bad was three for twelve so it was it is a three for between rival between twelve and fifteen yeah here is good in the make I was surprised only in three years then they only yet in the only given five they give a five or a little over five in Chicago was it like five press was five it was definitely five year gap I think it was five for twenty eight I'm not positive but if you take a little bit of a pay cut that kind of shows you where things are at right now percent and the angels the cost was it it it it matters before he managed in in Detroit short I. N. I don't even know you learn there because it was a very much it was really a winnable situation there that he had one good year but I have to go back and look but getting your rate of just because of of is it has its shortcomings this year was because they wanted a bad back they were they wanted a guy who had been there done that he did it with the with the rays one did win the big one and then when the big one with the with the cubs and they probably hired they probably they had no idea they can get rid of us was because they didn't think the cubs get rid of bad luck the cubs made out of got rid of mad it except for the cubs just they ran into a brick wall the last three weeks of the season they were brutal they they couldn't win is they can get away and go when night nope not gonna win at either in the Milwaukee could lose I mean who would have thought that would the odds of that have been Milwaukee making their playoff cubs don't after your guides or gets hurt down that going to happen but it did not so easy falls out of favor there and let go and he gets to go to the Anaheim where you want to go he wanted to go there they wanted him there that's the reason they got rid of them but if you're not gonna see that that's one of the reasons they said you won't see boshi this year because no one's going to want to paying that much

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