Climate Summit Special: Some States rise to Guterres challenge

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This is all wrong. I shouldn't be here. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean yet. You all come to US young people for hope. How dare you you have stolen my dreams in my I childhood with your empty words yet. I'm one of the lucky once people are suffering. People are dying buying entire ecosystems collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is as a money of each economic growth. How Daddy you Greta Thunberg. They're the young climate activists who ignited a global movement of youth refusing to back down on the climate crisis and now at U N headquarters in New York she she sits face to face with the world leaders her and fellow youth have been demanding action from my message is that we'll be watching you delivering an emotional speech on political action and the fate of our planet she kicked off the UN's first ever full on climate summit today today at the top of the seventy fourth general assembly debates welcome to the lead is on a climate summit special. I'm Natalie Hutchison and next up you'll hear some highlights highlights from the Climate Action Summit where innovators heads of state and other international organizations from various regions of the world have showed up with answers to the secretary-general's general's constant plea for concrete plans on how to combat this global crisis of our time. UN chief into a new parish has been steadfast in his expectations nations for the summit the first of its kind repeatedly urging members to do without grand speeches and instead bring their clear actions on how to build a safer cleaner planet. Senate nearing four years since the world decided on the collective response to lower carbon emissions the two thousand fifteen Paris climate accord member states brought answers to the stage on Monday from the science to the funding representatives explained just how they've committed to greening their cities and implementing sustainable strategies for ensuring their efforts. Don't go to waste from the beginning. I said the ticket to entry is not a beautiful speech but concrete concrete action and you are here with commitments in the lead segment on carbon neutrality. Here's U. N. special envoy for Climate Action Mr it Michael Bloomberg the most important thing that we can do is to phase out coal as fast as possible and we are making progress since we I started beyond coal in two thousand and eleven more than half of the United States is coal plants have closed two hundred ninety seven out of five one hundred and thirty a growing number of US cities and states and businesses have committed to reaching net zero emissions these states would by themselves selves form the world's fourth largest economy next on the stage French President Emmanuel Macron on Climate Finance folks will take on its responsibilities disabilities. We have already ended any new oil exploration on French soil now the second part of this positive agenda. I think we need to have a trade agenda. That serves the climate. It's a gender when we trading. We have to be consistent. I don't want to see new trade. Negotiations Open with countries Tris who running counter to the Paris agreement I think that that would be deeply hypocritical given all of the debates that we continue to have today and also in previous days. We need to have a carbon neutral chill. Europe and we need to have zero imported deforestation. This is essential. This is a deep change. It is a real revolution and it doesn't mean the we don't import certain things but the any imports should have a negative consequence we if there there is a negative consequence in terms of deforestation for example that has to be compensated for if not we'll continue to have fine words but trade agenda that runs counter to those words and on the link between coal phase out and Human Health Executive Director of Clean Air Fund Miss Jane Burston Appalachian Kills Seven million people every year and many millions more Safa with chronic conditions that caused or exacerbated by pollution. I want you to imagine the schoolgirl gulping on the road side because of an asthma attack Broughton by air pollution the causes of climate change of very often the same as the causes of Appalachian Burning Fossil fuels like coal is one of them. It contributes two-thirds of outdoor. Oh Appalachian the deletion staffel can also be the same renewable energy electric mobility more walking and cycling to name just a few and an economic terms the and the World Bank calculate that tackling Appalachian will actually save US money trillions a year so I urge the leaders gathered here today to respond to the World Health Organization's call to action and to put tackling Appalachian at the top of your agenda agenda because cleaner is a human right and together. We can make it a human reality. Thank you the turning it over to Costa Rica. The good news is what I thought of this good afternoon secretary-general Excellencies. It is possible for country to support its economy with trysofi coming from one thousand nine percent renewable sources. Is it a possible yes or not oh no. Is it possible for a tropical country that had the highest rate of deforestation in the world in twenty years news to revert that process. Is it possible yes or no is it possible to achieve growth ended the economic wellbeing at the same time as we invest in nature yes or no today what. I want to tell you categorically. Gorki is that the answer is yes. Yes we can do it. Yes it is possible because Costa Rica as a middle income. Come country has been able to do this. There is no excuse for countries with more resources and possibilities to do the same Carlos over although cassava president of Costa Rica getting down to the Science Prime Minister of Iceland up next Iceland's electricity and heating now comes one hundred percent from renewable. Was this hard work. Yes did it cost of course arse but clean energy transformation was perhaps our best investments in terms of both the economy and the quality of life and I am convinced at the investment we are making now in implementing an energy shift in our transport system is going to be vital to fight the climate crisis but also going to be we are very good investment for our society and our economy in Iceland we have lost ninety five percent of our loans since settlements and health of the fragile child canucks soil and we are now reversing this our island is getting greener this year the government launched new projects to heal the land and soak up carbon from the from spirit at the same time using innovation to pump carbon dioxide underground transforming carbon dioxide into solid minerals in Bass soft rock speaking for small islands often bearing the brunt of climate change Barbados Prime Minister Mia a more motley. The science is clear and the the evidence is even clearer that the lives of our people have been lost and properties abandoned and these tell the story far better than any speech. We can make this great hall the basis. The Alliance of Small Island states needs to keep temperatures this increases in this global community to less than one point five to stay alive. not this rave but to stay alive. We have as well to look at how best we can blend public resources and to that extent our country has introduced not true disaster clauses in bonds as have other countries in the region bobby therefore recognizes the urgency of Austin and insurance colloquium for interested leaders at the national and state levels of independent nations and dependent territories to to confront what we believe will be a growing crisis with respect to the affordability of insurance in our countries similarly believe Mr Secretary General that the real solution is for us to keep asking people to make commitments commitments that are small in the hope that we reach there but the global community must accept that it is within our power to halt and reverse exclaiming change. It's the world can make it possible to have driverless cars then we surely can find it possible to be able to saying that technology to halt and reverse this climate crisis secretary general. Antonio Guiterrez reaffirmed that though time is running out we can still take steps to improving the health of the planet time is running out but it's not two lights the calls of wisely villages business this and specially young people what taking to the streets to demand that we change our relationship with nature now that lace up our running shoes and weaned the climate race the you've just heard innovators heads of state and international organizations presenting solid solutions to this pressing issue of our time at the UN's climate action summit here in New York. We'll have more coverage for you this week as high level meetings continued to get underway during this busy time headquarters follow along at UN News Dot Org for the latest and be sure to check out our new uncomplicated podcast on soundcloud aimed demystifying what goes on here at the United Nations. This has been a special edition of our flagship podcast the Liz on. I'm Natalie Hutchison. Thanks for listening.

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