Talk Show Host Richard Bey Reflects on His Early Days


Without further ado. I bring to you Richard Richard. Thanks for coming on the show today well. It's my pleasure to be here and thank thank you for the invitation so Richard. Your New York guy and I have to say because my girlfriend is Jewish and and I know that growing up your dad was Jewish Mama's Irish Irish Catholic What kind of dynamic was that growing up for you. Is it difficult because I know religion does play a huge factor and families and so forth and it wasn't in difficult. It was to some degree. It was a good thing you grew up with the kind of schizophrenia half the family telling Ling me that I was going to burn for eternity in hell and the other half of the family telling me that I was part of God's chosen people and when my mother they're married my father and interracial marriage like this was a pretty big deal and her family really opposed they sent the priest to my mother to tell her that there was a boy in the parish who was willing to marry her and he was Catholic and that she should marry him instead even though she didn't know him but he shouldn't marry this Jewish corporal one while and did your did your parents. They see how successful you've become in life where the around for that long to see how oh yeah they were around to see the ascent. Fortunately they weren't around to see the decline Oh. I don't think there's no there's no decline. You're doing other things. We're GONNA get to that yet. You're evolving like everyone else. I can say. I never knew yield drama school. Talk about talk about that part of your life Richard Well. I went to Yeah I was acting before war. I went to Yale drama school professionally but I started to realize it didn't know what the Hell I was doing. I was inequity. I was in Sag and I said if I'm going to do this for the rest of my life. Better you know learn some technique so I applied to juilliard. I applied to Yale. I got into Yale. I was in a class class with a bunch of talented people. It's a three year program so you're there for three years and while I was there I mean Meryl Streep was they. They are sigourney weaver was there Tony Shalhoub Mark Linn Baker and a bunch of other people who are just fabulously talented Allenton actors who you never heard of Wendy Wasserstein was a playwright. Ted Tally who wrote silence of the lambs was was a playwright right and it was just when I graduated I was hired by the Yale Repertory theatre to do a year of all different roles and wrap so that was a great send off as well so I was really there for four

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