We've had it with robocalls, but most don't use available tools to stop them


Darling Uighurs Wrobel call out rage reached the boiling point when bogus tech support calls wouldn't stop one thirty five one fifty one thirty six of them on one day and before you get arrested many of the robo calls we get our lunch from overseas investigators say a lot of them originating in the U. S. especially California and Florida estimated losses to robo call another phone scams and ten point five billion dollars in twenty eighteen according to spam call blocking company true colors were using every tool in our toolbox to combat these calls but they continue to bother consumers allies that FCC chair a jeep hi last June declaring that phone companies can in fact offer call blocking by default instead of making you request the services is that an option is that it is that a way to make him stop not exactly major carriers are under government pressure to adopt a digital system that verifies the number on your caller ID so you at least know is not masking the caller's real number phone companies say they're making good progress based on the latest numbers the problem has actually gotten worse these scammers are really really good Alex police see is the C. E. O. of rubble call blocking company you mail according to the latest you mail Wrobel col index robo calls drops nationwide between March and June then climb steadily spiking to five point seven billion robo calls just in October that's more than two thousand robo calls per second a lot of folks are doing stuff phone companies are trying to work on the problem the SEC and the government's trying to work on the problem lan forces trying to work on the problem the thing is it's a big problem which puts the ball back in your court because doing nothing is not your friend call your carrier or go online and find out about the latest free or low cost Wrobel call blocking services or download a third party Wrobel call blocking app here are some of the most popular idea nomo robo Wrobel killer true color and you mail rather it would see in that Darlene Uighur made the call ultimately decided to just cancel her land line she says so far her cell phone has been robo call free

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