Gotham Awards: 'Marriage Story,' 'The Farewell,' 'Uncut Gems' Lead Nominations

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Okay Amanda the Gotham awards what do you know about the Gospel awards they are New York based yes is Gotham is a stand in for New York and uh-huh well done thank you and they are an indie film awards and they always have the ceremony pretty early in the season and their speed teaches are often really vibrant and kind of make some noise that people are usually recapping them are doing videos of the acceptance speeches that's right the nominations are usually driven by journalists and critics whereas the awards themselves are usually chosen by people in the New York Film Community this year's collection of films is sure thing and I think it highlights the New York versus La Aspect of this award show I would say that this is a very good collection of films but not terribly represented of of where Oscar is going to be going this year so let's just mentioned a couple of the categories we can talk about what we see and if any of this really ultimately matters to the big race that we talk about on the show all the time so for best feature Lulu longs farewell The safdie brothers uncut gems trae rituals waves Noah Baumbach marriage story and Lawrence Ghaffari as hustlers now as a human man these are five of my favorite movies of the year you truly love to see you love to see it now Ah I think this list has been somewhat criticized for being the eight twenty four awards share and also Noah Baumbach a former eight hundred four filmmaker himself so there's a lot of lineage there but I don't necessarily I mean I think marriage story is pretty much a lock for best picture and you've got a chance to see it over the weekend so that we may be we can t some of that conversation talk about it but yes these other films I think the farewells probably the one that has been tabbed to have the best chance at best picture but do you see a world in which I guess these early awards shows do more than just you know sort of celebrate the films that we expect to not be recognized come Globes and an Oscar season or or do you think that this is just a forebear to what's coming I think this is probably people sharing their passions for the most part and doesn't shift a lot the only notable storyline in the future category for me as Hustler's being here because that means that people really are taking it seriously as a a capital f film in addition to a great kind unexpected box office hit featuring Jennifer Lopez sue and we talked about that a little bit of the time of Jennifer Lopez seems like an Oscar contender people take it seriously it seemed like the answer to that is yes in some ways yes but on the other hand Jennifer Lopez not nominated for Gotham you know just kind of fascinating what are you going to do with you ran does in the film community I don't know it is people expressing themselves yeah I mean there's a lot of very admirable choices kind of up and down we don't have to run through every single category here I think one thing I like about the Gotham is is that it does a lot of awards that I really wish the Oscars would do for example they have the Bingham Ray breakthrough director award and the nominees here are kind of interesting collection of people couple of films I haven't even seen Lord Clermont on Air am I pronouncing that correctly thank you can Jones's here we had him on the show earlier this year Joe Talbot from the last Bachman in San Francisco also on the show Olivia Wilde this year for book smart and films for burning came which is a film I haven't even seen yet which is yeah been released so that this is sort of like in the spirit of the indie spirits meets the Oscars meets the New York film critics are I tend to think of this award show and I think the award selves our health quite early at the end of this year as opposed to early next year and you'll be able to stream them live on the Internet and you'll get to see some of those acceptance speeches that talking about but it does feel a little bit of a lucky to be here kind of award Andre Holland you're nominated for high flying bird and be pretty surprised Andre Holmes nominated for best actor Best Actress Likewise Mary Kay Place for Diana Elisabeth Moss for her smell these are performances that will be on craigslist MHM maybe on your lists I haven't seen her smile yet I need to do that I will do that before the end of the year I'm saying it in public so that will actually happen and probably how do you feel about being in this moment this period of award season where we're like right at the were at the gates worth the Don excited I think you and I kind of went through a marathon in the last week and so we have seen most everything which is great there are a few outstanding films talk about and there are a few on my list that I haven't seen because they were at festivals and haven't really been screening for critics yet but we've seen a majority of things and I definitely just had a week where I just saw elise and I was like wow cinema I was very moved by a lot of films that I saw and so in that sense I feel hopeful and excited and you're like movies are great we have all the movies and then I started trying to make my Oscar predictions and started thinking about all of the politics and like reading from what Academy voters I had to say and it creeping sense of dread also and anger and resentment started creeping in so I would say it's a complex emotional time for me personally how are you feeling I have the same exact feeling as you and it's for that reason that we have decided at the back half of this show to make predictions make bold reckless quite likely very stupid predict predictions because as you said we've seen almost everything last week you and I got a chance to see the Irishman let me just tell you the Irishman is good. You should see the Irishman you had a chance to see marriage three yes we had a chance to see knives out which I don't think we'll be a part of the awards conversation but which was fantastic it lived up to my hopes and dreams have been screaming about it on a podcast for two months so those to receive we see something else we saw little women little women of course of course little women so all of these movies have now been put in front of us let here's here's a very short list of the movies that neither of us have seen thus more because we've done a pretty good job of doing our homework to this moment but so far we still haven't seen nineteen seventeen seventy four one film we haven't ritual Clint Eastwood's portrait of the man who was accused of the Atlanta Olympics bombing we haven't seen cats it's fine that you put this on this sliced by Mattia cats cats come in cat season is nearly upon us we haven't seen dark waters which I think is going to start screening this week we've not seen star wars episode nine the rise of Skywalker uh-huh I did read a bit of box office prognostication about episode nine today it was kind of kind of kind of grim interesting it was like this will is on track to be the lowest grossing of the sued thus far on its opening weekend maybe it's because everybody knows what's GonNa Happen I read some fan fiction or not some fan fiction no like can we just used to lead them into it yeah I read some fan fiction you know what I read some predictions based on nothing speculation is what I read about Star Wars that was essentially conviction and I got really upset about it I told you about this already we had this conversation with no let's not do that yeah but I don't know it people I it seems like people are interested in what happens I'm interested in what happens was the was it that ray is a rookie was it no it's Ray in Cairo and fuck just like the weight again pure speculation but let me go on record saying I do not want this as the really casual star wars fan who does can't remember the title of Episode Nine Not for me it's not what you want the only other movie I can think of that we haven't seen that is going to be competing this year barring maybe you're frozen to in the atom akara categories clemency which is Alfred movie that premiered at Sundance and has gotten reviews and I it was pointed out to me that there to death row movies this year with just mercy and clemency which is kind of interesting but that's only six movies between the two of US we've done a nice job hopefully we'll have a peaceful December probably not as we go through all of our takes which of these sixty think is most likely to to mess up the the narrative is we're going to break down later in the show I have on the document that I made I have one thousand nine hundred seventeen written several different times with like twenty question marks it was I just I don't know what to do with it. It is obviously a world war one epic with really athletic filmmaker gang directed by Salmon News which is Oscar Bait shot by Roger Deakins which is how you know it really is and they haven't they're releasing the behind the scenes rich of him just like running and trenches they're really leaning into we worked really hard to make us you know and it's a very showy style of directing yes their narrative is the effort yes which is an interesting thing we hear a different version of that with someone like Joaquin Phoenix and his performance in the joker we heard all about how he lost fifty pounds and he contorted his body and he I mean this physical transformation this is the full-scale movie version right of what sacrifices were made to achieve something yes and it's so funny because the the movie is not out for still another three months but I think that's really smart and the reason I have twenty question marks is because is it too late in the Oscar season to kind of really breakthrough because the people haven't seen it and the Oscars season is like a full months earlier this year and then was your so we're in a really crunched situation I think we have learned time and time again that it is harder the later you get in the season more crowded it is it's harder to get people invested in your movie you've just created a wonderful segue for our next segment let's go to stock stock down if it goes bust you can make ten to one twenty

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