One dead after fiery hit-and-run crash in Kirkland


At at least least one one person person has has died died in in a a crash crash just off for five in Kirkland goals sewer Mero tells us the one hundred and twenty eight exits from the freeway are still closed for the investigation to patrol trooper Rick Johnson says it started off as a hit and run driver heading north on floral five just south of the one twenty eighth exit in totem lake reported getting hit from behind by a white van that running vehicle fled the scene exited the left side of it to one twenty eight and one across the intersection at the top of the ramp and struck a wall he says the van and burst into flames the driver did not survive debris from the van hitting the wall did fall on to at least one car on the freeway below but Johnson said no one was hurt the driver of the first car involved in a hit and run also was not seriously hurt

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