Did you sell when you were in Drexel's well started off selling car wash controller so like you know stick your car to the full service car wash and and it moves through the tunnel and all the right machine Sheen's come on at the right time they'll that was the computer I sold wanted that out and who would you sell it to gas stations or car wash those full service is car Washington there's there's a lot of dealers in that market that sell to those car washes in their local areas so those are my main customers did you like it yeah it was great I got the same benefit that my Stepdad got I I got to work from home I had a lot of flexibility I would get up early in the morning the guy I work for taught me really well he taught me how to smile and dial and how to how to get focused on it be good at it and be affected so I could get up in the morning have my a coffee start making my calls and heck by noon I was done the only thing I had to do in the afternoon was processing any orders I had taken and you know no paperwork and stuff like that and did really well and and they'll cool and what was the impetus to start your own gig young company will long story short I did well with that and then ended up getting hooked up with a software company in the energy business here in Houston it was a start up that had this Israel unique software that we were selling to gas exploration companies so now I go from seven to these you know car wash dealers are pretty small call mom and pop businesses to selling million dollar software packages two billion dollar corporations right a whole different deal so lot of learning there but ended up doing pretty well with it and we grew I hired sales people and we ended up needing a tool to keep track of things right make sure we're staying in touch with the right people at all these oil Oh companies you know very complex sale cycle with lots of influencers and all that and so we were using act way back when you know that was Umbrian Adia these kind of things back then and it was great but then we merged with a competitor and I inherited this Sir far-flung sales team where some of them were out at Denver where our corporate headquarters in Houston mom worked for Hump from home and other places and keeping them all in sync up in the same act database was a real nightmare this was right win salesforce had just I come on the market they were brand new and so we thought wow that sounds perfect for us it'll be the internet we won't have to sink anymore everything will be real time awesome it was good in those ways but it wasn't as mature as it is now and we missed a lot of the functionality -ality that act hat and so so we that's what we just decided to do is start the first online version Anna Act that's what sales next was initially I remember trying to use multi user act it was it was a great tool for an individual sales rep but right out great for a team and as an individual but then it's on your Europeans see so if anything goes wrong you have to back it up you have if it gets corrupt you're hosed examined the old days of software right yeah those before they even knew what the cloud was yeah and so how do you sell it today is it do you have a salesforce or is it more more of a marketing automation type sale advertise and then demo and close yeah I mean it's a lot of that we do a little bit of both really so you you know Pete lots of people come to our website they see our ads and and things like that at the come to our website and sign up for free trial and we they play around with it and we do demos and stuff like that but then also we're out there you know banging on doors and pursuing sort of strategic accounts and markets as well and what do you see sales people doing wrong today I mean you know it's funny thing is it hasn't really changed the it's the same things that we were doing wrong back when I was online sales person you're not doing enough prospecting you're not filling the funnel and you're not following up enough that's the two main things today where we see the most low hanging fruit is you know in any sales organization right you go your especially in outbound sales organization where you're cold calling or knocking on doors or going doing a lot of networking or trade shows you know you're going through a lot of leads you're talking to a lot of people and you only close maybe twenty twenty five thirty percent of so that means eighty or seventy percent of all the people you engage with don't become customers and most sales teams even today basically basically throw them away you know they're not doing anything to stay in touch with those people because they're so focused on who am I going to close this month right yeah and and that's that so many of the things that we sell our event based meaning that you cultivate a need and a desire and you have to be there at that time that its surface yeah a lot of education a lot of persuasion a lot of transfer of ownership and that those long long time gaps it's easy to forget them it's easy to deprioritize them right and some of it we should but in the more ambitious just one of us should be able to do both yeah well it's a great point you're bringing up especially in a technology sale of some sort where there is a lot of that education that goes on boy you invest so much in creating that awareness and need in the customer's mind and if they choose not to act right now for all kinds of reasons could be budget could be things that you're not in control of but you've made that huge investment so if all you do is just kind of stay in contact with them so that when the time's right for them they they call you then that's magic and now today with with technology like ours and others you can automate that right where they're just get an email from you once a month that's kind of given them the opportunity to tell you the time is right if if I ignore orpheum emails from you and then also on the sixth one I download the PDF or watch your video or something that's me saying times right you should call me and one of the best pieces of sales advice I ever got was from a manager who said you know you got the the elephant hunters over there that wasn't really me and then he got the guy who chases everything and nobody has time for that I try and focus on the ones that can and will close and as many any of those as you can sure in on that I that stuck with me because the elephant hunting too risky and working working eighty hours a week doesn't really scale right especially you like to hunt right I know you you WanNa you WanNa let lecture sales people like you say just focus on the ones who have a strong need now enter closeable and let technology take care of you know keeping them in front of a much larger audience than they ever could on the phone or manual though and that's it I think today with technology and you know we have just the opposite problem that we had fifteen years ago where we had no data today okay we have too much data right and even when I got started in sales we had zero data you could by phone books wasn't the Internet it was hard finding the main number never mind somebody's number

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