Chef Angie Mar is a Star


And having the right people and like I personally rather have less people on my team but the right people on my team and I'd rather have us all a person leaves and do everything the way that things should be done versus having please to just fill slots shifts because that never does anybody any good you know and you don't have that you know when you're just doing bodies into a schedule it's just more about okay let's just fill bodies who cares if they do a good job I just need to cover it right and there's Times that like people will come in the restaurant and you know I won't have a porter or somebody calls I'll be washing is myself and but that's just what we do you know that's what we do and it's what we have to do and and it was it was a very slow process to turn it around it was slow it win I mean look back looks you did it so quickly but bought it probably didn't feel like no no no no it wasn't until I bought it in two thousand sixteen where it was like okay get to do everything my way would you got a great review before you bought it I did we winded pete review come after yeah so you really did get I've operate on the radar yeah okay well I bought it in April all of two thousand sixteen are let's talk about that and say anything that was the thing we kept it secret God because I knew I knew that UNISOM people found out that we bought it from Grayton because that's a big news story yeah that we would just get reviewed immediately and I wasn't ready for that so I bought it in April may partner WHO's my cousin she and I said nothing to anybody not even our closest friends and I used that entire summer to recipe test and streamline and like really like plate ware and like do all the things that I needed to do how much did it change from before you owned it too when you finally owned it a lot you know a lot I mean it definitely changed a lot it was always about old because this place was never known for its food and I you know Malabar it it was like a club before became a restaurant much so and has a long New York histories along you're coaster for grading took it over it had been clubbed exams for like well you know I still get people walking in the door that are like Oh this is great and Carter's restaurant I'm like have you been living under a rock for the last three years like where he meant it definitely so we bought it in April of two thousand sixteen said nothing kept the exact same menu that whole summer even though it killed me it kept the exact same menu ran a couple of the new things as specials just to get it all down you know I think it would public in July twenty sixteen like end of July twenty sixteen and I shut the doors immediately like that week because I was like now like it's not GonNa Happen so doors all of August we were closed and that's when we really like wow finalized the menu and did how did you get the money to purchase the restaurant I'm very fortunate that I went into business with my cousin and we just really scrape together everything we had to buy it you know and and look by the time we opened this restaurant had no money we'd like zero money you know I bought I took the last I was in London cooking that August for a week and we you didn't have the plate where that we wanted in one of the big things that the beatrice that everybody loves is all this like you know beautiful silver and pewter plate ware and like the cut crystal glass and like while it's toughen everybody's like Oh my God like it's so beautiful and I'm like well little did you know that comes out of us you know being completely broke as and I took the last two thousand dollars out of our bank account in London at an ATM on Portobello Road and literally walked down Portobello. and haggled with all of the old women they're just for like silver spoons and plate ware and all these things and then I bought a suitcase for twenty five years doc and packed it all in my suitcase and brought it back in that's how we opened so you opened with no capital yeah that's really stressful it's scary it's very scary it's so scary you know because it's like you know we spent all of buying the business lawyers all this other stuff so it's a lot of pressure on you ah that's pressure you've bought this restaurant from this famous New Yorker Right now on your right so much pressure and then Pete walks in you know didn't even give me a month yeah people's being the restaurant critic of the New York Times his I mean he's looking he you know there's two star reviews star letters and I think we definitely got to start off letter I've had to make peace with the culinary God's never Etta James Beard Award because I walked out of my own dinner at spirit how I was never say never I don't know I walked out of my don't be dramatic I walked out of my own dinner at the James Beard has to come cook for Pete's

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