Lewandowski Lights Up Der Klassiker



Start though in the Bundesliga classic lying taking on Borussia Dortmund Ruben. Dos Gift goalscoring for fun of Les Rois on the the bench for this one. The business seventeen minutes saying dose gave cooler born chat. WanNa know who was on. This is just routine. There's another initiative cross gets cutoff. You just continues is run by head back in space very good header yet again. So don't mean look into reorganize get things sorted as we kick off the second half. What sixty seconds in the back of the net just by Munich counterattacking talking with peace? Or nearly she doing that to opponent. This time the mets fourteen minutes ago in the game DOS game. We'll make it three now. Looks routine but this I touch was something special. It's high awkward. Takes on the inside of the Thi- perfectly in stride then finish nine nine to rub salt into the doorman wounds Hummel's with a own goal to make it four now stretching. I mean this kind of tells the story the Doorman Lindsey evening. It's that kind of day for Braschi Dogma. By Munich for Borussia Dortmund nail is how finishes such a strange sport because you look at buying and the way they play today and you think one fading having any sort of problems because they absolutely brilliant and new manage bonds for coming in well not coming. He's been this but all of a sudden he's been hiding under the reince whether some temporary or permanent or to the season we we. You figure that out in in time but share reaction from the team here. He makes a couple of changes to the starting lineup. I think as a team you see by you looking back to their best individually the they look happy it seems as far more more more cohesive being said Dortmund plead. They're part goodbye mimic looked. But if you're by Munich especially given the week that you had not you've got a couple of weeks tax international. Judy Acer greet we to go into the outbreak. On the back of what is normally the biggest game in your in your calendar every single Bundesliga game this season. Recent recent Champions League match as well is absolutely ridiculous for some time. We've been seeing that the best number nine and we'll football right and again and I always have to add the caveat that we don't consider them as your number nights but he has been the without question the best and still you see him continue to do that and you think from me with love and dump scheme has has instincts are better than anybody else's his finishing is better than anybody else's and he's doing it with a consistency not I'm just this season. You mentioned his record this season. But we've seen that for quite some time whereas ordinarily even with the best trackers the so reliant on on on service that they have ups and downs that they have purple patches on this little yet. Somehow Eleven doff ski and you show it today and we. He took those two goals. Not Great Boys in finds himself in space yes but he still had a lot to do in creasing bridge himself yourself and then he makes you finish look show easier the end of it. I mean it really is something temperature to with to behold is interesting. You mentioned in a couple of changes the surprise inclusion Danes Brain in this game. He did ungodly start exactly as cleanup against Jin Sancho who had to come off in the first off. No Riyadh Raff Hunt. Eckstein who who was at the game said Sancho came of a hamstring been struggling or the game long now just from from my perspective looking at it on the television screen. I just thought that all that someone with a hamstring injury jogging off the park doc and then as a cameras followed him on the sidelines. There was nobody there weakening with a bag of ice it it just those two things didn't didn't connect for me that being said I'm Dave Gibney start in a difficult game on was simply sensational by and got the start that they wanted. They got the goals. Ah Give them a little bit of a of a gap team to play with a certain freedom but then again that comes with a manager a new manager bosses and mentioned but having Africa clear pound. And knowing what you want to do and everybody buying into that which I feel Karachi had lost I think through his own feelings and not through non necessarily through to that team. I just folk lost the respect of digestion. I lost out sometime time last season and it was spinning in what you show inconsistent performances Boyd only by eleven scoring telling the one of the biggest matches of the season and Philip Casinos on the bench. Yeah that's a very big call to make. That is a very big call to me continue. Who came in and plead with a freedom when when he first arrived on you thought he was a piece that was missing and that opportunity? I took club like by Munich for him to play in behind the striker in the whole with the freedom and everybody kind of looking for him with the ball was the opportunity he wanted. But if it doesn't fit into the plans then you have to make those big plays respect that as much as players wanted to see the big names of Rome them the respect a manager who has a plan and asserts himself is the main influence of that plan. I I can't you saw that. Meanwhile dolman seen this before we got into the classic Chance really to assert yourself and you get beaten off the pop. Yeah I'm beating Battle of the park and and for for dormant as much as they're still in still early enough in the season that it can be rescued a lot tonight. No you saw so nothing today at and maybe a little bit of a hangover offering them a very cheap. Excuse here after coming back from two down against Inter Milan in the Champions League. But but then if you're a skeptic or you're a cynic you say well you shouldn't be too don't intervene. Yeah in the first place but it quite clearly shows that don't have their issues and when you come up against a team like by Munich who don't let you back in. Then you have the. You have a lot of problems

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