Michael Bloomberg — shiny new pebble or fool's gold?


When the former mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg decided not to run for the US President in twenty sixteen. He said it was because he was unsure of whether America was ready to be run by a white white billionaire mogul. Well that's the Bloomberg could have another go. This worried that there's no clear Democrat candidate to beat Donald Trump will tell us more uh. La Bureau chief collateral Rabelo a very warm. Welcome back to the program. Collage tell us about Bloomberg and his bid. How serious is this is because by all accounts since two thousand and eight that has not been a presidential election without speculation that might Michael Bloomberg might run? Yes and what's important to get right here. Is that this move by Michael. Bloomberg doesn't mean that he's necessarily definitely running now at this point he's just keeping his options Sion's open. He's ensuring that whenever he eventually makes that decision he is allowed to run if he chooses to do so so hard that he has filing the paperwork work that is needed while he has filed the paperwork that is needed to become a candidates in the Democratic primary in Alabama which is a state that had the earliest filing wiling at deadline. His Adviser Stole The New York Times at the end of last week. That Bloomberg will decide for sure whether Ron within a matter of days and not weeks except now up there are a couple of things here. That are interesting I is how late this announcement is coming. And the electoral calendar there are fewer than and three months to go before the Iowa caucus and even since the mid nineteen seventies. The latest a potential nominee has ever launched his or. Her presidential campaign was by August of the year before the election than we are now in November if Bloomberg decides to make this one official before the end of the month and then as you mentioned in your question we need to ask why this change If you call him a Bloomberg announced back in March this year that he would not run for president and now it all seems to point executive that fact that he's worried about The Way Democratic primary is unfolding out so far and even as early as last month he had mentioned that he would perhaps consider a run. If Joe Biden. This is the former vice president Joe. Oh Biden decided to drop out of the race but all in all. If Bloomberg does end up running he'll have to scramble to make it to the debate stage so that people beyond his supporters know about his agenda and what he represents and we also need to take into account the growing unpopularity of billionaires among the left wing of the Democratic Party. The party does need to question whether or not Bloomberg's Ron. Ron will do more harm than good at this point in the race when the ultimate goal is to eventually defeat Donald Trump so there are worries that he actually him standing up against is going to split the center. But let's look at the other candidates on where we are with the polls Joe Biden's in trouble which is a huge issue The the campaigns have Bernie Sanders and particularly Elizabeth. Warren are not going that well actually Bloomberg has repeatedly attacked Elizabeth Warren. So he's coming into a failed which is already rather bad tempered and and not really putting a strong candidate. It isn't tape no and he is exactly as you described with the Bloomberg entering during the race. And we're ignoring a big factor. Here which is there's an argument that a lot of people say he is not a Democrat. He is more of a Republican than Democrat. But that's a whole different conversation but if we take into account Michael Bloomberg entering the race now the center of the party disappears and the problem. That's that's the Democrats have been facing. which is you have candidates on? Two extreme ends of the political agenda within the same party with Bloomberg entering during this. That divide was only deepen you will. You will have the same party Eh. One of the country's most known billionaires regardless of the fact that he has of course Experienced running public office running the biggest city in the country in New York City but he is one of the most known billionaires to and then you have on the other end. Candidates are advocating for a huge tax on people such Just as Mike Bloomberg so it will it regardless of who the candidate ends up being. You take the risk of eliminating a lot of the voters Not necessarily to vote for trump perhaps not vote at all because it seems like the identity of the Democratic Party does not exist and that was the main issue in two thousand sixteen and it just seems like a repetition ministry again which is a shame if you're a Democrat because actually last week Votes in Virginia and Kentucky seemed to indicate that in principle the Democrats are on the the the the recovery. Oh yes if you look at the results from us. We Cut The conclusion is that the Democrats are on a winning streak in Kentucky Talkie as Democrats. Andy here defeated The Republican Governor Matt Bevin and this was by a very thin margin and for over a day a Bevan refused to even concede. We're talking about five thousand votes. That decided this result wishes shows just how polarized it is right here. This is state up trump won by a margin of thirty points in two thousand sixteen so it just shows how the tide released turning and of course in many ways. It's victory is indeed significant particularly. Because you know Bevan ran a national campaign Consistently linking himself to president trump and not only. The trump makes several several statements supporting him. He even held a last minute rally with Macbeth into former Kentucky governor in the net for to ensure this reelection that now we we know didn't happen and if you look at Virginia the Democrats should take it as a big victory for the party This is the first time since nineteen ninety-three three that the Democrats won control of both chambers in the state legislature and governor and this has is allowing them to kind of redraw the the states legal boundaries legislative boundaries after the census are happening next year and it can help pave the way to solidify Virginia Jinya as a blue state from now on color. 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