This Console Cost the Equivalent of $758 in 1977


The Atari video pinball system I think it was a Tari pit video pinball C.. Three sixty I think is the full name and it was released in nineteen seventy seven but we got this one. Probably in seventy eight seventy nine maybe even eighty but I was looking back at this is is the way it set up. Have pictures in the show notes. So you the listener can go check it out. But it basically is a big block of the plastic and it has a dial on the top and then it has two little push buttons on the side for your pinball games because it was a pinball game basketball ballgame and then break out or pong. Excuse me break out. And then Pong too and you use a little side buttons as flippers for the or the pinball all game and then the dial in the front used for breakout in then it ran and it was color but the most insane thing is is that Iran on six exte- batteries six at sea batteries. Yeah yeah let that roll off. The tongue see batteries. It didn't plug in and I remember we'd always have to replace stupid things with the batteries and you win. It started running low on batteries. The lines on the screen started to get blurry a little bit and kind of Fade in and out and you hooked it up to your TV and it was done through the antenna system because back then they didn't have hd Meyer higher even the RCA. Jack You just had this antenna attachment that would kind of you. Had these two screws on the back of your TV you'd loosen them up and put these little wires underneath and tighten. Tighten it back down again. And that's how hooked up and it was color but way we had it at our house is the Nice TV was upstairs and it was color and the downstairs had an old black and white. TV So we didn't even had color for for this system. Sometimes my parents would let us bring it upstairs and play with it up there. But so so the seven video games at a had were four pinball pinball variations basketball game in two versions of breakout so breakout had the little paddle at the bottom. And then you knock out all the little color tiles at the top and the I don't remember much about the basketball game I just remember the pinball and the break breakout by far are was the one that we we played the most. But I don't know if you've ever seen this one randy before her heard about it. I've heard of it but I've never seen it. I've never used used one. I've never seen one in the wild super interesting I. I'm so surprised that it runs on batteries. No definite it's that's so weird but this is one of those like it's Kinda what Nintendo does anymore. It's one of those. The controller is the console. Guess where the controls patrols built right into the console. That's that's very interesting. I it is like we you or Or a switch and I didn't know about the is cool that it's has pinball and it's got the buttons on the side for the flippers. That's fun yeah. It's in research like we were saying earlier. There are a lot of systems like this. That didn't this is before the days of the cartridge. So you put all your games in one big block unit and we primarily had this on the floor in front of the TV. So you Kinda lay on your stomach car. You might sit and put it on your lap and use it that way and that's us the buttons. There's some buttons on the Front. You have five different buttons ones reset select elect option power and then ball served so when you did pong or breakout you hit the little button and then the ball comes down and you start playing then as how how that worked so the the guts of it your your calculator. Your watch probably has more world than this thing but it was. It was our first system. I was probably five six years old at the at the most when we got it and so for me it was like well. This is really cool and I grew up in the in the country out in Nebraska. So we didn't have an arcade nearby and so this was. I'm surprised my parents bought this. Actually I'm shocked and yet because the kind of had a pong market back then but this kind of came to an end of course when later on the Atari Twenty six hundred came out and you could more more than seven games on system and the cost for this. I was researching this. So the cost for this back in seventy seven on one website said it was isn't one hundred seventy nine dollars which would be seven hundred and fifty eight dollars in today's dollars. Imagine your parents spending almost eight hundred bucks or even now spending spending seven hundred fifty eight dollars for a game system that only played seven games seven games so yeah there's no Expanding the library there. Wow that's insane I. I was just shocked when I ran the numbers on that as a website. You can go to plug in the year and it will you put the dollar amount. It tells you what that is valued today but seven. Let's see systems like playstation four and Xbox or what four ninety nine. I think we're based system. I think so. Yeah I one hundred bucks. This is two hundred fifty dollars more than just so. When I heard that I saw that I was like? I'm sure my parents pigs except year or two later so probably wasn't quite that but it was still still a lot of money and I think the thing that of course this thing is the style gic for me so of course I'm probably is not that great of a system when he kind of look at it but at the time and that your first system you kind of like Whoa. This is cool. I I have no plans to buy this. You can buy it on Ebay and other places. But I don't know we don't even have an antenna hookup. You'd probably have to get some sort of adapter to make it

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