Senator Vinick, Vinik And Bruno discussed on The West Wing Weekly


Two thousand six and did they somehow foresee this podcast and take all of the second month of the year off because the previous episode aired in January I think here right no episodes in the second month of the year how about that free role for me from here to the until the end of podcast that's right sweet sweet so this episode is called the cold and I think the best way to Synopsys the episode is talking about the ways in which the old could apply to different storylines in the episode sure first of all Senator Vinick has a cold right I wrote Vinik and the terrible horrible no good very bad day yes as a subtitle Bruno might also be facing some cold treatment because there's a possibility that he unfrozen out in the wake of some unfavourable polling numbers the aforementioned no good very bad day right and then there's also the cold Kazakhstan right where the president is contemplating sending many many many troops and One of the things that has to be considered is is equipping them properly yes outerwear so all that is going on in this episode but let's not forget something very big and not very cold but all something that happens in the cold open

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