Using Tinder for Real Market Research



Market research the last day here at the lot say in Moscow heading off to the Hilton doubletree marina later on today and I was thinking today about a presentation I saw last week at the Global Wellness Summit from the founder of ages which is essentially a lifestyle magazine curated for the over-fifties and what he did when he decided he wanted to create this magazine wanted to think about the type of content needed to put out and so what he did so if the aspirational profiles say that interested in mountain climbing and you create content around mountain climbing then guess what that audience is probably going to gravitate into that particular publication so if you're interested in particular age demographic then head on tinder and I gotTa tell you I'm perfectly honest about this Tell my wife that I've been on tinder for market research but tender for market research is actually not a bad idea what do you reckon anyone tried it let me know for the research on me do let me know the comments below I do thank you for your time and I will be

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