Rose McGowan sues Harvey Weinstein, Lisa Bloom and others


KCRW sponsors include LEICA presenting missing link the latest animated film from the studio behind core align and Kubo it's an adventure about finding your true identity bloom who the alleged women's rights lawyer who went to work for Harvey to discredit people like rose McGowan she is saying this is a diabolical Sousse silence assault victims she saying that they they engaged in racketeering violations of the Federal Wiretap Act etc etc and I have to say there's a piece of this litigation that involves someone I wrote about Roy price who was the head of Amazon studios and I feel like it's a real window into the backscratching then a can occur in a roy price was accused in our story of misconduct and then when we published he was he was excused from that job that the same day and he had harvey had quite a relationship and rose McGowan alleges that that Roy price was part of this attempt to shut her down me and she this this one piece of Roy Price in this litigation is a window into how guys help each other out yes the allegations the lawsuit and this is piggybacking on some of the stuff that's in Ronan Farrow's book catch and kill is that Roy price optioned rose McGowan runs screenplay and for reasons that we don't quite now and then when he was discussing the project with rose abruptly she killed it and the implication is that Harvey Weinstein was actually pulling the strings here and whether Roy Price was trying to option the project Steve Harvey Weinstein was mentioned in it or if this was an effort to essentially buy her off in a manner in which Lisa Bloom apparently her for I introduction to Harvey Weinstein was when he optioned her book and said we're GONNA develop this for television and Lo and behold Lisa Bloom is then representing Weinstein and all of a sudden he had one of the prominent women's advocate attorneys on his side this is a tactic that seems to be a a a way for powerful people in Hollywood like Harvey Weinstein Roy Price to essentially buy out adverse party company desperately needed at that point because they were having financial problems she says she went to Roy Price and said this guy raped me and Roy price responded by saying no and that Harvey basically put Roy up to buying her thing to to find out what was in it if there is anything negative about him and meanwhile I will note that Roy price had tried to get his own girlfriend a deal a writer without any significant credentials at all at Amazon was told internally forget it that will never happen here it's going to be bad look for you and Harvey gave her a deal and when we reported this and asked about it the Weinstein Official Response was Oh yes we've been you know not done anything of great note at that point so again this is how it works yeah it's all funny until you realize this is part of a way ebb of efforts to silence potential accusers and it goes much deeper than I think anyone thought until these allegations have come out in the book and now the

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