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The AH Russians testified recess order I e six to seventy five which according procedures plymouth funding procedures now welcome to now playing podcasts doom retrospectives theory completing how parts of now playing Video Game Movie Review Series Goliath man firm time hosted by Arnie Daddy's Justin battling demons is remark job description and Stewart seems like a good group in this podcast may contain detailed plots boilers and harsh language took his name and fame listener discretion is advised. I guess you gotTa Face Damon sometime today discussing do annihilation starring no one you've ever heard of before mad I'll go through the exercise here amy Manson heard of Marilyn Manson Dominic math him yes star of backdraft to and dragonheart three Alan Gale I believe he was a walk on the first captain America Nina Bergmann nothing they all sound like real people I will say I do know one we're here who's not credited in the top billing Lewis Mandal lower is the brother of Costa's mandal or from the saw series the brother of a non famous person directed I tony Giglio or Gigolo gig alone there aren't very many giggles this is Arnie coast of now playing. I'm your podcast of welcoming you back to consciousness and Stewart and this is justin I once cried because I had no joystick until I met a man who had no hands Louis Franchise better exemplifies that proverb than doom right I mean people were so harsh on that two thousand five was the worst film ever Made Rock Karl Urban Kboi they screwed the pooch on that yeah it was bad derivative story underlying visuals the general lack of energy or cohesion but when you compare it to back into the dark one or two Max Payne have two movies we covered in now playing arcade it's at least par and probably a little bit better than most I put it still down in the bottom quarter the only thing it has going for it is that first person sequence but come on the rock has two modes either super charismatic and saves a film or Super Stony and sinks of film he sunk that film I mean I have nothing but bad memories of all three times I watched doom the original time and then the two different cuts watched for now playing so when they announced they were doing doom annihilation a directive video live action movie. I'm like is it a sequel a reboot could schedule a colonoscopy that day and clip out of this review yeah isn't just a rumor like could this really be something that they would bother to me take the first film failed why are they making sequels to disasters. I don't understand this philosophy but there's a whole breed of filmed I mentioned ovum up the top universal pictures fourteen forty is a company that thrives on taking things that have been totally forgotten and bringing them back like this a cop in the half to inside man to four jar heads is fourteen forty the budget of each of these things the team ninety nine yeah exactly like do we need to review this is there any enjoyment to be had knowing they're going to take a movie nobody liked and remain aac it on a fraction of what they had before okay when rumors of this movie started coming out I think it was like spring of earlier this year and looking back at information coming out this it was like oh they have a caste in June and next thing you know this movie's here and it's like okay why are they doing this and maybe part of I brain was like well that I was really bad but then I heard oh wait there's a new game coming out here this year maybe they're going to do an actual like legit tie in to a beloved series that has needed an update for years and I thought okay well maybe that's what it is it's going to be a low budget maybe just like the cut scenes from game strewn into some sort of narrative that makes sense but I also found an article that says Bethesda Games had nothing to do with this and they don't want to happen anything to do with this movie so why this is here other than for name recognition I guess we'll have to jump into I was with you Stewart's and I've been this way since the Robo op prime directives for movies and rave to the grave seems to be my Go-to the fourth return of the living dead film let alone necropolis but to the grave just has a more ring to it in the name had just sounds worse but I was reading some interviews with Gigolo or Gig Leo or however we want to pronounce it and he made some decent points primarily cinematic distribution isn't what it used to be with Netflix please the effects team from this is the effects team from the Will Smith Netflix movie bright okay so some of the same people that applied makeup will Smith's face going to apply makeup to these no names people's face but they're not going to have the same money to create the same kind of visual effect I've just saying that I went in with a little bit more of an open mind no I did liar I've not you need to get wise there's no reason to have your mind open no reason at all to think we're going to see a good film I thought given what doom had this actually had a shot at being better leads I forget the best leprechaun films and never went to theater and you know what there's actually a franchise I will say that actually that last Leprechaun movie is the best recent example I can think of of a sequel nobody asks for that you could sit through and it wouldn't hurt you universal fourteen forty also went back and brought down me and see me back for curse of Chucky and cultivate chucky got some green arrows from us there too it feels a little different when people involved with the first one combat I can work on it particularly behind the camera apparently they're dragged out William Baldwin for backdraft too so it doesn't always work out but yes when they can at least get some other to what was done before otherwise it just feels like a fan film right otherwise you're just giving a little bit more money than what I could find on Youtube for free I don't watch fan films as a rule I get a lot of email sent to be of go watch this fan film and I literally just don't have the hours in a day to keep up with now playing and watch all the fan films but I have seen van films that looks so much better than this I've seen porn parodies that looked better than this but I think you guys are losing a little bit of site on Yes that I do movie sucked and a lot of people forgot about it and then you start comparing it to other beloved movies even though they were cheesy but maybe along the line they refound their footing and made a decent sequel we'll we're dealing with here is a beloved video game franchise and finding out that nobody attached to the first one is coming back actually might give somebody a little hope to be like okay well maybe they're just GonNa forget that hit the reset button and just try to do this property some justice yeah if it were a real movie coming out in four thousand screens this weekend then you were right to hope that they said boy we can do a whole lot better than last time now this just looks like damn like well we can trick some of the people that are waiting for doom maternal the video game that was supposed to come out next month but I guess it's been pushed to March twenty twenty maybe they'll think when they're buying this they're getting the video game and not this awful awful crap though I also read some interview news with Giglio before watching this movie I bought the disk in case there was a commentary or some bonus features they spared me all of that it was actually hard to track down any behind the scenes information on this but I finally found an indepth interview with Giglio and he worked on some other universe pictures specifically universal fourteen forty death race two and three don't forget soccer dog the movie not to be confused with soccer dog cereal or Swat too the sequel to a Colin Farrell movie that even he didn't see Gig Leo got his start with Paul W S Anderson Working on resident evil afterlife and writing the script for death race one so that's where the original name Annihilation Games from the apparently resident evil title right or it should have been if it wasn't and while working on the death race movies he was asked by universe so what would you like to do this was twenty fifteen four years ago he's like I wanted to do I love the game the movie just didn't do what I needed to do I want to do doom can you do it for fourteen dollars universal said absolutely not why would we want this I I thought for sure that this was a right scrap I've off for sure that if they didn't shit ado movie out onto video much like dimension had to keep crapping out children the corn and hellraiser films that doom would revert to it apparently universal studios has the rights to the first three doom games in perpetuity eighty nobody universal one of this film they told him no they said the first movie tanked why would we want to go back and revisit that shitty franchise nice but Galileo was not deterred he knew there was that game coming out in two thousand sixteen the doom reboot so 2017 he went back to them and said Hey look at the sales for this doom reboot you've got people my age who played doom when they were young and grew up with doom and you've got a whole new generation of gamers this is the time to do and so they optioned a script he went through it they said cut the budget out of the script so he redid the script a little bit lesser final early this movie did get released it was supposed to come out in April but this has over a thousand CG effect shots they had to push it lies lies and Justin you said the faster had nothing to do with this what happened was they went to Bethesda and said and I didn't even realize this but Bethesda bought in studio so Bethesda is now the owner of the doomed video game property the reboot this new Duma turn on might listen to our show there's a bad history of Hollywood turning game ipads a crappy movies so but that's just wants nothing to do with any movie at station they would not license anything from the reboot anything from the new game but they're like you guys own dooms one through three we can't stop you but we want nothing to do with it and Gig Leo contacted them was like can you not bad mouth us they said we're just gonNA say the truth we're gonNA tweet we have nothing to do with this production that's one hundred percent through we're not going to bad mouth you we're not going to say we endorse you we're just going to be factual we have nothing to do with this so Gig Leo went off on his own filmed in Bulgaria in twenty eighteen and it finally came out October first is the scariest thing for me this Halloween and everything you just said all of the hat is on screen the rush the no capitulation between the studio who owns the actual rights to modern doom and what the studio making the movie owns I mean we'll get into it but yes so like we've been talking about I'm guessing all of our expectations were set pretty darn low coming into this version of doom let me just put it this way one of the things that Bethesda did license is a limited edition vodka that's right you could actually buy do the liquor from a UK distillery and in keeping with themes is made from quote the finest quality and ethically sourced B bones and.

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