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We start with Donald Trump's impeachment crisis a stampede of damning facts gathered by the day I anti legal defense that appears increasingly erratic today trump was pressed on his stonewalling of Congress and his refusal to comply with those subpoenas in fact he suggested that probably ends up being a big Supreme Court case all right so at this point trump strategy it's pretty clear obstruct deflect confused and if all else fails hope the Supreme Court to which he appointed to justice of which he appointed come and save him even as new facts emerged today the full memo from the first whistle blower released with new details about the call and the New York Times pointing out with details about what went down inside the State Department as frustrations grew over trump blocking military aid for Ukraine now against that drumbeat trump supporters are pushing increasingly bizarre narratives one trump ally and former advisor appeared on a Fox News panel with Rudy Giuliani where he referred to Democrats probe as a regicide which if you don't know like I didn't know earlier today is actually the murder of a king. What you're seeing is regicide this is regicide a by another name fake impeachment I refused the call whistle blowers these two nonentities are suicide bombers that the Democrats have unleashed all right so you heard that regicide suicide bombers that is the language now coming from trump's camp remarkable contrast from how -servative used to talk about impeachment today a moment resurfacing from the congressman Mike Pence speaking in two thousand and eight about what the standard should be for impeaching a president this business of high crimes and misdemeanors goes to the question of of whether or not the person serving as president of the United States put their own interests their personal interests head of public service that's the vice president Mike Pence when he was a congressman back in the day Matt Miller chief DOJ spokesman during the Obama administration is with US Jason Johnson politics editor for the root dot com is also with us and the daily Beast Betsy would drifts one is as well great to have all of you with us let's lots to break down here Matt let me begin with you what do you make today of the president subtly invoking the Supreme Court and that this battle is likely to end up there you know I think they'd love for it to end up the Supreme Court because that means we wouldn't have any decision on whether the documents they're obstructing congressman tainting had to be turned over until sometime next year maybe even past the two thousand twenty election that's been their strategy all along not just with this investigation but with the previous investigations house launched deny the House they're entitled to make them go to court and drag it out because there's a lengthy appeals process. I think this one is different in that the house the House obviously would like to get the documents that they've subpoenaed but they're not they would like to get witness testimony but they're not gonNA wait for the administration to turn them over and they're not gonNA wait for the end of court battles they already have a whistle blower who came forward and supply them a lot of information I think there are you know they got one witness Kurt Volker who was willing to quit rather than stay inside the administration it'd be prohibited from testifying and I suspect what they'll do is push forward given that they already have enough evidence that the president pressured the Ukrainian government to to launch an investigation they already have evidence of quid pro quo and those Kurt Volker texts that were released they're obviously things that they would like to get their hands on for example more evidence about the withholding funds from Ukraine but I don't think they're gonNA wait for the courts they're going to go order because they have enough evidence and they'll probably get more as more witnesses come forward at despite the White House trying to block them so to that point Jason the White House as we mentioned refusing to cooperate with these demands realistically besides going the path of the courts is and that was just spelling out what options do the Democrats have beyond subpoenas anything well they're option is to just have a vote right they don't require this information and I'll be honest we can take the headline White House stymies Congress house refuses to hand over information we could run that same headline every three months since this administration began so it's I don't think for once the Democrats are not shocked and amazed at the eight houses lying or not providing information they can have this vote whenever they want here's the other key part about this every piece of information that they've asked for that this administration refuses to come forward with can be part of a complaint about obstruction of justice into an investigation of inappropriate behavior that the president has already admitted to so that is their option to take everything Donald Trump is doing now and make that a part of their case in a stronger case that for once according to the polls not only are people in favor of the impeachment inquiry but we have now moved we're Americans are actually recent poll so Americans are actually in favor of Donald Trump being removed from office in a vote and that's something that works Democrats favor and interesting and all of this today former Congressman Trey goudy now's going to serve as outside counsel for the trump team and it's amazing because if you go back to two thousand twelve here he is actually announcing Democrats for not cooperating with Congressional Oversight Watch this clip the notion that you can withhold mation documents from Congress no matter whether you're the party in power or not empower is wrong respect for the rule of law must mean something irrespective of the vicissitudes of political cycles so that means that you just on your screen there who made that huge appeal about nobody withhold power from Congress or excuse me withhold information from Congress's power to have oversight is now going to defend and justify the president withholding being information from Congress are those words betsy going to come back and haunt trey goudy no question and these political cycles have early gone through a heck of assist Tude as Gowdy my put it the fact that Republicans spent eight years of the Obama Administration laying out in the most asta robust and detailed way possible arguments that the executive branch has to comply with subpoenas an oversight requests from the from the legislative branch in something that's going to create challenges for all of them that said the White House is legal strategy faces a really complex difficulty because there's tension within the White House regarding how White House counsel Pat Simple Loni is approaching this particular issue simple only is treating it perhaps more as a legal fight than a political fight it seems the White House counsel's office people to an extent are still in molar mode thinking in terms of winning court fights rather than thing this has primarily a political undertaking we know that impeachment at its core is a political tool and for the most part of the president is outside allies view the biggest threat to him as a as impacting vote but simple owning is approaching it more from the legal side and that's generated a little bit of friction and the interesting thing again in this betsy that you got the GOP inviting Giuliani to testify Lindsey Graham Watson come up to the hill to talk about Ukraine Corruption Watch his latest appearance on Fox News I just drove through okay they required witnesses to face the witch and some witches were acquitted it's ridiculous the only place I can think of what we had trials like this is in the Soviet Union the remember the president used to call this a witch hunt this is now more than a witch hunt the which is headed better in other words they had more rights the witches had better what do you make of that I mean what's the risk your betsy for the gop to kind of have this narrative floating out there between the regicide the is it is not a king yet his defenders making reference to him being king others are calling this a coup now you got mayor Guiliani or former mayor Droopy Giuliani talking about which is for the duration of his time serving as president's personal outside counsel Giuliani over and over and over has said things publicly that have undermined the legal arguments he's trying to make in defense of the president who can forget the moment when he made the bombs dell admission about the president paying off porn star Stormy Daniels in the final weeks of the presidential campaign on Sean Hannity's Fox News Show Giuliani creates the most problems for his client when he's in a setting that he feels to be friendly and no one on Capitol Hill is going to make Giuliani feel more laxed than Lindsey Graham the Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee who is incredibly close with trump who hangs out with him engulfs with all the time Giuliani sitting down in grams a committee room is perhaps the most perilous moment of the impeachment process for trump? Hey today the California Congressman Roque Hana telling Holly Jackson the Democrats need to move forward with the vote listen to this here's the reality we can't count on the White House we can't count on the course they want to delay this we need to move forward we need to look at what evidence we have make the best effort make the case and have a vote on the articles of impeachment what's the what's the play here you think Matt should they go ahead and actually hold hold a vote have a vote on impeachment knowing that the White House is going to stall this and if as you were saying this could delay in

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