The impact of gratitude



This is Dr Michael Wilks. With a second opinion. ernestine is a seventeen year old homeless woman who came to see me yesterday morning just a few hours after she was discharged from the hospital emergency department. Her arm was in a sling and was wrapped from her fingers. All all the way up to her shoulders in white dressing her other arm also had a white dressing with a large spot of dried blood in the center when when I saw her all wrapped up in bandages. My first comment was holy cow. What happened Ernestine? Her first comment to me was I am so lucky and I have so much to be thankful for. She told me how the previous night. She was viciously attacked and stabbed by her former boyfriend. Friend just two days before she and I talked about her need to get a restraining order. After she explained the details of the assault she again and spoke of how thankful she was to put this in context. For at least six months she had been homeless. She had been living on the street After being kicked out of her home by her mother she had to drop out of school. She lost contact with her brothers and sisters and she usually could only afford board to eat one meal a day and now she was brutally assaulted and she was grateful. Gratitude is a positive emotion. Felt one one one realizes that someone else has given you. Something of value. Psychologists have suggested that gratitude plays a pivotal role in promoting positive social relationships which are essential in a well-functioning society gratitude signals a kindness and and motivates the grateful individual often a relative stranger to reciprocate the pro social behavior studies show that experiencing ingratitude directly facilitates repayment of the favor with a kind act in return. This is a sort of cycle of kindness. Among among a highly social species. Human Beings Ernestine explained that she had so much to be thankful for the medical care she received at the hospital all the woman who found her after the attack and drove her to the hospital and the few people in her life. Who really cared about her? I was silent. How how could this woman practice gratitude at a moment like this in her life? As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday it seems appropriate to consider how how the practice of gratitude supports our own well-being research in the area of positive. Psychology provides evidence demonstrating that practicing. Gratitude has enormous impact on our physical and Army National Health. It turns out that gratitude causes the release of the neurotransmitter Mitterrand dopamine in key areas of the brain the health effects of gratitude range from increasing happiness too focusing less on material objects to reducing burnout to sleeping better being tired and being more resilient as Ernestine discovered if there is one thing a person can can do to increase their health and happiness expressing gratitude. Might be it so happy Thanksgiving and remember how fortunate you are. This is Dr Michael Wilks with a second opinion.

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